In order to have access to the current information in a speed manner, most of them have computer in their home. The percentage of people having access to World Wide Web has increased, because the events and the incidents happening in any corner of the world could be known easily through the web. There are lots of services provided through web and one such most familiar service is web hosting. It is defined as a process or a procedure, which allows both companies and the individuals to host websites by using their own servers. Each and every process is carried out by using certain techniques. Whatever the process may be, the techniques or the skills which are used play a major role in the execution of the process.

Techniques in web hosting: Techniques of web hosting used to vary depending on following three criteria

  • Service providers in Kelowna.
  • The scale on which the services are provided.
  • Equipments.

It helps to store data in a central location without depending on a particular Internet site.

Factors to consider before choosing a web hosting service in Kelowna

The following are some of the terms which should be taken into account, before choosing a web hosting service.

  • Space for storage: It refers to the amount of space allotted for a user for files on a hosting service’s servers. 5 – 10 megabytes of space is provided by most of the sites, but the sites could occupy more space, if the images, video and sound effects are used heavily.
  • Data transfer and bandwidth allotment: This term denotes the amount of traffic, the user site is allotted. It also varies depending upon the service level and expenses. The allotment of bandwidth depends on the demand for data, which is utilized by the site visitors.
  • Service and its reliability: It is the most difficult aspect to understand and compare. Customer service and reliability play a main role in hosting. Bandwidth, storage and price mean only a little, when compared with service and reliability.
  • Speed: This term refers to how fast the web pages and graphics are loaded for the customers.
  • Whether a site is for commercial or personal use, security is always a concern. Most of the top hosting services offer only secured services.
  • Consider the domains or addresses allowed by the hosting service for each and every user. However, the top hosting services provides free domain registration and unlimited additional domain, but usually these additional domains are provided at a low cost.
  • The other characteristics which should be considered are prices, mail, backups, dedicated servers and site builder features.
  • Finally the most important consideration is the people behind the service. Because great technical support and customer service are the indicators of a good hosting service.

The reason for considering all these factors is, because the numerous web hosting companies in Kelowna used to differ from one another in terms of the services provided.

Domain Registration – The Skinny

When registering a domain name, there are some key factors to consider when deciding whether you should register your domain, or you should use a company to do it:

Technical knowledge is going to be important, because when registering a domain will you be able to manage the DNS or other technical aspects of the domain? Can you adjust the records easily and quickly to setup email accounts, point the website to another website host, or easily update your registrar records?

If you choose to register your own domain, please keep in mind that you are responsible to ensure it does not expire. Large brands and companies have been put in very bad situations because the chose to register the domain themselves to save a few bucks only to lose the website because they let it expire by accident.

If you register your domain yourself, please ensure you have the tools and expertise to ensure it will not expire.SEO is another critical factor in consulting a company to purchase your domain. Some extensions, and domains will perform better in the search engines, and it is better to have a professional help you decide rather than guess.

Registering your website domain, is a very important part of your online business. We highly recommend letting a professional web design company like Atomic 55 register your domain for you. Let us protect your investment for pennies per day.