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Custom Website Design in Kelowna, from a company that has put in the work for decades.

Basements don't scare us.

Consider them a rite of passage.

n fact we moved thru a few basements before we opened our first official office. Since then a lot has changed. Professionally, we've gained decades of experience in both business, and digital marketing. But nothing has changed more rapidly than the muse and the medium - the Internet. Much like Adobe Flash, RIP, some tech has improved, some has colossally failed and others quietly faded into the abyss. Throughout it all, we've remained consistent at adapting to it all. The thing we've realized that separates us from most other companies, is that we genuinely like what we do. It's not just something we went to school for and chose to do from a list the career counselor flopped on the desk. We know that even if we weren't getting paid to do this, we would still be doing it in our spare time. The Internet, all it's good bad and ugly, we get it and we like it and we want to help others understand it a little bit better too.

Websites Created Since 2001
Of course this number is for pause and effect. We lost count of how many websites we've built. What we do know, is that after two decades we're producing better than ever online experiences!
Customers determine process. Skills determine outcome.

Atomic 55 specializes in custom websites and software development. We are customer focused and pay close attention to the details. We take ideas, and then build them around an infrastructure of good technology. Our creative, technology, and marketing approach to a website build keeps the process simple from beginning to end. Our process has been developed over decades. It's been designed to give customers a transparent view into an otherwise ambiguous industry.

Our mantra has never changed.

But our experience keeps growing deeper.


Creative is the result of collaboration between a customer and a designer. Taking the ideas inside a persons mind and bringing them to life in the form of creative is one of the most rewarding and challenging for any designer. The process is dependant on customer input and oftentimes, time itself plays a pivotal role. Unlike technology, creative is subjective. Revisions, refinement and even refusal are all part of a messy process to achieve greatness.


Technology is not subjective. There is simply good tech and bad tech. Good tech is software that has been through a vigourous process of planning, development, and testing. It's stood the test of time, received peer review, and likely it's seen multiple iterations of itself and will see multiple more if it's to remain relevant. Good tech never dies it gets better - or worse. Having support for the technology you use is important for your online business.


Online marketing is far reaching, more complex than ever and more accessible. It's a dangerous combination, especially for your digital wallet if you don't have eyes on your campaign. We manage organic and pay per click campaigns for almost every budget. We are hyper-focused on getting local results for our customers. Long ago, we decided that your backyard would be a great place to focus our business. Ask us for examples of local businesses killing the game.

tomic 55 is focused on WordPress development. We have been developing on the WordPress framework since its inception in the early '00s. As a result we have extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject. Since WP is open source we can combine the backbone of a tried and true CMS with virtually any front end design you can fathom. It allows us to be flexible, compatible and agile. WordPress is still the industry standard in 2022. It's flexibility and adaptability make it the smart choice for any business. You would be hard-pressed to find a front or back end developer who couldn't assist you with your WP website. What you might not find as easily is a company that can facilitate the complex design and programming challenges required to remain competitive today. When you hire a WordPress designer make sure you compare apples to apples. There are levels to everything and WP development has several levels that only experience can reach.

The Life of a Custom Website Design.

Typical Project Lifecycle [In Order]

Planning, communication, and organization
Deploy Framework
Installation and testing
Page Development + Layout
Building layout of each web page.
Digital media development (graphic, animation, video, cinemagraph, other)
Content Writing
Hand crafted unique content developed for your business.
Any custom modules or elements that require a specific function.
SEO + Marketing Optimization
Specific optimizations designed to increase visibility in the search engines.
Ubuiquity Test + Launch + Hardening + SSL + Lead Generation Install
Website launch + plus all of the tools that make it safe.

We treat each website project like the first. Your experience is what matters and we want you to feel like you can rely on us to execute your ideas quickly, accurately and expertly.

Ready to work?

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