5 Reasons to Use Animation in a Website


nimation is becoming an increasingly popular addition to many websites. Website owners looking to spice up the look and feel of their online presence are turning to animation for a hit of digital flavour. Moreover, web animation is being integrated into images, text and buttons to enhance the user experience. Animation is a great way to improve both UI and UX on your website. However, it is important that animation is used in the right way in order to avoid clunky designs that slow the website's functionality. In this article, we're going to be going over the top 5 reasons why animation should be used in your website. Plus, what animation is? And, how to integrate animation into your website properly! Follow along below to learn more about web animation for your website.

What is Web Animation?

Web animation is simply animation on the Internet that changes a property over a period of time. Web animation varies in shape and can appear in a number of formats. For instance, animated SVGs, GIFs, dynamic HTML, UI animation, CSS animation and JavaScript animation. It should be noted that web animation is very different from your average cinema animation. Instead of cartoons and comedy, web animation can be used to highlight an image when a mouse hovers over top. Or, shake the screen when a password is entered incorrectly. There are tons of other applications for web animation that can help define your website’s functionality.

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Types of Web Animation That Might be Useful For You!

There are so many ways that you can incorporate animation into your website. The first example that we have, is a loading screen. A loading screen animation is a perfect way to keep users engaged during the time it takes to load the page. They can also be used to help strengthen your brand through complementary colour palettes and graphics.

Next, are the navigation and menu animations. These help you conserve space on the screen by hiding the menu. The menu can then be revealed by clicking on something like a hamburger icon. It is essential that the menu reveal is animated for a smooth transition.

There are also gallery animations that can help you cycle through the images. Slideshows are a great scenario where you want to ensure that there is a smooth transition between images. Moreover, you can also add animations to images when you hover over the top of them with your mouse. For example, if a user hovers their mouse over an image, then the image will enlarge.

Finally, you can use animation to build explanatory videos that help consumers to understand your products/services. Animated videos are a great way to provide visual clarification to your customers. A short 30-second animation can be all it takes to enhance your UX.

Reasons To Use Animation in Your Website:

Animation can benefit your website in more ways than just visual appeal. In fact, animation can add a layer of interactivity to your website. As a business owner, keeping your customers intrigued is essential. If you are having trouble making your website stand out from the rest, here are some reasons why you should incorporate animation.

Engage Users

User engagement is key on a website. The more interesting your website is, the lower your bounce rate will be. This is important because Google cares a lot about how long people spend on your website. And, how deep they dig into the content of it. If you have a high bounce rate, it could be due to the fact that your website isn’t engaging enough for the average user. Fix that ASAP with a fun animation that enhances your UI and UX. Getting in Google’s good books will serve your business well.

Create Diversity in Your Visual Elements

Pictures are great. But, a website with only still images lacks flavour and interactivity. The simple act of adding an animation can hep you diversify the content that is present on your website. This will help you to engage a wider audience and give your site some depth in its content. Animation is a worthwhile investment for companies who want to impress their audience with a range of mediums.

Help Explain a Product or Service

Web animations can also be useful when you need a visual aid to help explain a product or service that you offer. For instance, an animated video showing customer how your merchandise works. Or, an animated graphic that provides information about your companies services.

Improve Usability

Animation isn’t just about aesthetics. Using animation can be a great way to help users around your website. Certain animations can encourage users to click through sections of information, or alert them when they’ve done something incorrectly. Furthermore, you can use animation to influence a user’s decision on where to go/look next. Also, UI animations make the overall experience more intuitive and less clunky.

Generate More Clicks

Interactivity is incredibly important on a website. The more interactive your website is, the more memorable it will be to online users. Moreover, adding interactivity will help you generate more clicks. Thus, enhancing your position with Google. This all goes back to having a low bounce rate!

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Web animation is something that every business owner should consider adding to their website. The seamless flow, increased interactivity, and improved UI/UX make animation an invaluable investment. Whether you’re looking to generate more clicks or keep users on your website for longer, animation is a very appealing solution. If you’re interested in incorporating animation into your site, contact us today! We’d be happy to help create some appropriate animations to make your website stand out from the crowd. Be sure to reach out to us with any questions you have about our services. We look forward to working with you in the near future!