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Kelowna Website Design Team On: Why AI Content Writing Isn’t Effective

AI is taking the world by storm. It seems as though every application and service provider is finding a way to incorporate AI into their business model. Whether this be through content writing, chatbots, automated logo creation—the list goes on. Although AI tools can certainly be fun to experiment with and help with many different tasks, they have their limitations. And, if you’ve been thinking about employing one of these bots to do your SEO for you, we’d encourage you to think again. Using AI for your content marketing could result in some serious consequences for your business. In this article, our Kelowna website design team will be going over all of the reasons why using AI for your SEO simply doesn’t work. Follow along below to learn more!

What is AI Content Writing?

AI content writing has recently become a hot topic of discussion. This is all thanks to the free chatbot called ChatGPT, which is able to answer a range of different questions/prompts. For instance, ChatGPT can solve coding problems, write essays, explain complex topics, complete resumes, and much more. Because of its vast capabilities, many businesses that have long relied on SEO for their marketing have been thinking about ditching their marketing companies and hiring ChatGPT instead. But, what exactly is AI content writing? And, aren’t there other AI tools that help with SEO? 

Put simply, AI content writing is merely the process of using an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool to create online content. This could be copy for your blog, captions for your social media, emails, or anything else. Contrary to popular belief, AI content writing isn’t a new topic. It’s only been made a topic of discussion because of the free nature of ChatGPT. Before ChatGPT was released, there were several other AI writing tools on the market. However, they all required a paid subscription. But, AI writing tools aren’t just limited to the ones that can generate copy. There are numerous other kinds of AI writing tools that you’ve probably been using for years.

Types of AI Tools for Content Marketing 

When it comes to marketing, there are three main types of AI tools that businesses and marketing teams may use. The first is, writing assistants. These tools do things like spell check or complete your sentence by suggesting the next word. Writing assistants are built-into software like Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Gmail. As well as, on devices like your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. And, if you are a user of Grammarly or other proofreading software then you’ve also used an AI writing assistant. 

Another common category of AI tools used for marketing (specifically SEO) are SEO support tools. For example, SEMRush, CoSchedule, Yoast, Copy.AI, or chatbots that answer customer questions when a real person isn’t available to help. 

And, lastly, we have content writing tools. These tools are those like ChatGPT which are able to write entire articles for you.


Why Does it Fail?

It’s undeniable that AI has come a long way from where it once was. However, in any creative field, it is hard to automate things that require a human touch. Unfortunately, we are not at the point where AI can be left to its own devices and relied upon to create meaningful content for our marketing. 

In many cases, AI content is very repetitive and robotic. If you’re trying to convert people into customers this kind of content isn’t going to cut it. Furthermore, while the content may be grammatically correct, it could be littered with misinformation/biases. Since AI tools are only trained on a limited set of data provided by their creators, more often than not, this software will spit out incorrect information. 

An example of this can be seen in the fact that ChatGPT doesn’t know anything beyond 2021. And it has been known to have political, racial, and gendered biases due to the information its been trained on. 

Why You Still Need a Kelowna Website Design Team:

If you’re still not convinced that you need a Kelowna website design team, here’s a list of reasons to keep them around. 

  • You need a skilled professional to research relevant keywords and hashtags
  • AI tools cannot write content without someone giving them a prompt
  • Writing needs to be revised to ensure that it fits with your company’s brand
  • Content should also be proofread to ensure that it is readable for your intended audience 
  • A skilled professional must review content for accuracy and biases
  • The content should be looked over and rearranged for maximal user experience and the best SEO results
  • Good SEO content needs external and internal links, as well as, images which need to be input correctly by a human
  • Failing to revise AI copy and make changes can result in your content being flagged as spam for violating Google’s guidelines. Typically this results in your articles being deindexed, which means they no long appear in search results (this has a very negative impact on your website and digital presence)

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For now, content writing is best left to the humans of the world. Especially when it comes to SEO content marketing. If you’re in need of a Kelowna website design team, contact us today. Our web designers would be happy to help you create the right website for your business. For more information about what we do, feel free to reach out to one of our team members. You can find the latest updates about us on our social media page, or check out our blog for related content. We look forward to working with you in the near future!


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