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What to Discuss Before Starting Web Development Kelowna?

Knowing what to ask before you hire a web development company is crucial. Asking the right question will ensure that you pick the best designers for your project. But, what happens when you’ve decided on the developer? What questions do you ask then? How do you make sure that you get what you want? In this article, we are going to go over all of the questions that you must tell your web development team in Kelowna before starting your next project. Follow along below to learn more!

So You’ve Hired a Web Developer… Now What?

  1. What are your goals?

Once you’ve chosen your web development company, it’s time to consider what your goals are for the project. When building a new website, it is important that you outline what you intend to achieve. This will help both us and you to ensure that your project is a success. Having some sort of benchmark to measure progress against is always a good idea. Additionally, informing your development team about your goals will make it easier for them to recommend certain features, design strategies, or tools for your specific project. 

  1. Who’s your audience?

It’s hard to design a great website without knowing who your target audience is. In order to generate the most leads, your development team needs to understand who you cater to. The more you tell your designers about your audience, the better they’ll be able to tailor your site to your consumers’ needs. In turn, this will result in a more effective website that generates more business for your company. 

  1. What’s your current marketing strategy?

Before you hire a web designer, it is likely that you already have some sort of marketing strategy. Whether it’s cold calls/E-mails, signs, local news ads, social media, or some other form. Telling your development team about the various marketing channels you currently use is essential when building your new website. This information will help your designers to link your old marketing channels with your new website for optimal performance. Moreover, telling your developers about your current marketing strategy will help them identify areas of improvement. For example, adding landing pages, blogs, or quizzes so that your website becomes the base of your digital marketing efforts. 

Other Things to Mention Before Starting Web Development Kelowna:

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  1. Deadlines

No matter what kind of project you are starting, deadlines are vital. And, it is especially important that they are discussed early on. If you have a strict deadline to meet, be sure to mention this to your designers. This will help them determine what is achievable given your timeframe. Even if you don’t have a set deadline in mind, discussing the timeline for what you want out of the project is essential. 

  1. Budget

Another essential item to discuss is your budget. Your developer will likely have all kinds of suggestions for what features you can add to your website. However, you may not be able to afford all of these additions. To avoid confusion and prevent spending more than you have, it is important that you discuss your budget before any work commences. This way, your designer can ensure that you get the most bang for your buck!

  1. What are you working towards?

Although your budget may be limited right now, it is good to tell your developer what you plan on achieving with your site eventually. This way they can put in the proper foundation to support your future plans. Having an idea of you want your digital platform to evolve over the next five years is a good way to ensure that your website will be able to support your goals later on. 

  1. Do you have brand guidelines?

Lastly, if you have a set of brand guidelines, be sure to tell us right away! Brand guidelines are an incredibly helpful tool that will help us to ensure that your website matches the rest of your brand. After all brand coherence is of the utmost importance. For more information about the importance of brand guidelines check out this article we wrote!

Contact us for More Information About Web Development Kelowna!

Before you start building your new website it is important to discuss your needs. This will help to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

If you need web development Kelowna, contact us today. Our team of web designers would be happy to help you create the right website for your business. For more information about what we do, feel free to reach out to one of our team members. You can find the latest updates about us on our social media page, or check out our blog for related content. We look forward to working with you in the near future!


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