Copyrights, licensing and right of use

All of our products and services are limited to be used under the following conditions. We own all rights to our products and services. No rights of our delivered solutions are transferable to others. Our productions, solutions, delivered products and services underlie international copyright law and are intellectual property and may not be changed, copied or adapted by you and/or others. No ownership or copyright in any Material supplied by us to the client shall pass to the client. The clients and others do not have the right to re-sell our products completely or in part.


All of our images are sourced directly from local photographers where and whenever possible, and/or are procured via stock image subscription based websites. We are not responsible for copyright issues that arise from images moved over from a customers existing website.

Customer supplies and customer content

When entering these TC, it is the client’s responsibility to supply us with all necessary supplies before production start. This can include logos, corporate identity colors, text and other materials. All supplies have to be delivered digitally. To ensure a high quality standard, all Logo files must be provided in one (or more) of the following formats: Illustrator, PDF, EPS, Photoshop. Graphic and image files must be provided in one (or more) of these formats: Illustrator, PDF, EPS, Photoshop, TIFF, RAW, JPEG, GIF. If all supplies are not delivered before production starts, we cannot be held responsible for any production delays and product delivery delays. Client is responsible for signing the waiver supplied by an Atomic Sales Rep at signing.