Terms & Conditions

Approval of service

A signed statement of work indicates approval for all services noted. Various emails requesting approval to move to the next phase of development will be sent to the client for signature.

Refund Policy


Cancellation by the client

Regular packages with set up fees paid in full are offered with a minimum contract of one full calendar month. If service is cancelled before thirty days and after the credit card has been processed, the client will be charged a $125 processing fee. If client has signed up under a financed option for a project there are no refunds. Client must honor the length of the contract or pay the full buyout immediately as stated in the contract to cease monthly billing.

Monthly Plans: After the minimum contract time is over, a platform can be cancelled on a month-to-month basis. The contract will continue to run to the end of the monthly payment period (day of publication date + 30 days) following the payment period the cancellation notice was received. All contracts are open-end and will have to be cancelled in writing. If the client decides to cancel a project during production or after placing a production order, we will charge all work executed up to the point of cancellation at our regular hourly rate. Furthermore, all travel and living expenses related to the cancelled project are to be paid by the client.


Cancellation by the service provider

We reserve the right to cancel a project, production, or the network of Atomic 55 at any point in time without having to supply the client with further reasons. Refunds may apply, if a project or the Atomic 55 network is canceled in a monthly payment period where the client has already been charged; in that case the client may be eligible for a refund for the remaining days, where the service could not be provided – (monthly service charges charged – total days of the payment period where service was not provided) * daily package price = total refund.

Maintenance and service interruption

We cannot be charged by the client or other parties, nor does a refund apply for server downtime, due to server maintenance, updates, or any other causes, that could temporarily interrupt our services and the presentation of the Atomic 55 network or any of its related services and/or products.

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