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Atomic 55 has been helping clients with Kelowna website design since 2001 with online solutions that help them succeed in their offline lives.

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We Love Coffee.

But Atomic 55 does more than just drink coffee and make websites.  We do the nitty gritty and behind the curtain programming. The kind of programming and development that results in patent applications among other tangible results. If you’re a start-up that doesn’t know where to start, an established company that needs to reinvent itself or more often than not a “web designer” that needs some help with the heavy lifting, chances are high that we can help.

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Trying to figure out how much your website will cost to build? On this page you can use our interactive toolset to get some pretty accurate numbers related to your next website build. The tool is totally free to use, and there is no obligation to contact us. Click the “Launch Quote Engine” graphic below to load our quoting engine.

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Atomic 55 has run a successful website design company in Kelowna since 2001

Our digital marketing company has been critical in launching various complex technical advancements via the Internet since our company’s tenure. Throughout our journey we have been lucky enough to work with so many Kelowna based businesses, helping with their online / offline marketing strategies, and website development.

Digital marketing has changed in so many ways over the course of our businesses history; there have been search engines that have lapsed, new programming languages born, and an infinitesimal amount of iteration take place within web browsers, authoring software, and peripheral devices. When we think back to 2001, using a mobile phone to view a website was unheard of, nevermind contemplating device ubiquity testing required to ensure the website is fully functional on 200+ device / operating system / browser combinations. Atomic 55 and its team members have almost 100+ years of design, technical, and marketing experience between its 4 members. The depth that this experience affords is incredibly powerful when it comes to helping you with your website design, search engine optimization, custom programming, branding & logo design, and virtually anything you can possibly imagine when it comes to marketing.

Our web design company has been voted #1 in Kelowna by numerous companies throughout the years, enjoying the taglines of “Best Website Design Company in Kelowna”, “Best Marketing Company, Kelowna”, and “Kelowna’s Best Web Design Company”. While all of these titles have been greatly appreciated, our primary goal is to help you as a business owner generate more business through our expertise and marketing strategies. We know what it takes to find more customers online, having built 2 “software as a service” (SAAS) companies – SYNCRO / EstateVue. Taking an idea, and then building it out to be a successful, and in some cases ultra prolific patent fulfilled company takes knowledge that you have to acquire through direct experience. Starting from scratch takes guts, a boat load of courage, and a resilience that most people simply dont have. Failure is never an option, and we understand that better than anyone.

Our company’s pledge is to provide the most direct, honest advice, in an effort to keep costs as low as possible, and generate the highest level of results. Our most popular services are as follows:

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