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Website Design

Are you paying attention? Do you know all you need to know about Web 3.0? NFT's? Crypto? Have you heard about Meta and do you fully understand what it means? For you? For your business? Website design hasn't been a nice to have for over a decade. It's a need to have and that's being generous as we move into 3.0 where online and offline will finally collide, whether you like it or not. We don't know exactly where the 'web' will be in 10+ more years. What we do know is how important it is to either learn more about website and Internet technology or to know good people who truly do. Who will you trust to take your business where it needs to be online?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today is about finding consistency for results. If you really want to make a dent you have to show reliability. What does reliable mean as it relates to digital marketing in 2022? It means your blog is updated. Your digital footprint is regularly audited for relevance factors. If you use social media then taking the time to carefully curate your brand is key. Once you have that squared away then it's time to dial in the schedule. A regular posting schedule will help to drive targeted traffic and show customers that you're dedicated to your business. This in turn builds confidence that you'll have your customers' best interests in mind when it comes to their goals too.

Logo + Branding

Logos and branding go hand in hand but are considerably far apart when it comes to deliverables. One, your logo is not your brand. Your brand is how customers feel after engaging with your business. It's the messaging in your content, graphics, imagery. Branding is an intrinsic style that is felt not shown. Great branding is achieved through a combination of efforts. Branding shines in the details and is another part of marketing that begs for a consistent effort. It starts at the top and it should filter into each facet of your day. Logos are the marks that identify your business. If you want to learn more about our process, we encourage you to reach out to us with your questions!

Collateral + Print

Print, collateral, packaging and all that other stuff. Complimentary marketing always has it's place in business. From business cards, stationary and the tried and true leave behind - print still isn't officially dead. More environmental resposibility and stewardship has redeemed the print industry for a little longer. It's very important with print to make sure what you see on a screen translates well offline. Proofs are your safety net and we recommend, recommend and recommend them again for every print piece. Packaging is an explosive industry for subscription gift boxes, craft beer marketing and retail product packaging. Get in touch to learn more!

Interactive + Animation

Animation and interactive pieces online can really help to bring your customers closer to connecting with your brand. Give your customers an experience. Video and movement draw customers in to connect further. Website animations can call attention to any dull or dreary content and make it more fun, interactive and engaging. When you can draw your customers into your brand with an experience through a great interactive piece you'll gain a dedicated customer. If the experience is truly immersive and rich you'll also generate the viral factor that so many businesses crave for connecting and expanding your reach.

Live Chat + Lead Gen

Live chat to text message is a great way to turn traffic into manageable leads. SYNCRO is our proprietary software that makes this easier than ever. It's not an app and it doesn't require a crash course in anything to learn how it works. Imagine that, one less thing to learn for your business that's focused online. The other benefit to a chat tool like SYNCRO is the fact that you don't have to constantly upgrade your tech to make sure it works for you. If your flip phone can accept text messages then you can use SYNCRO. There aren't too many softwares around today with that same claim to fame. SYNCRO is efficient lead gen for everyday.

Real Estate Services

Real estate services are offered over on our EstateVue platform. EstateVue is a comprehensive real estate software and development company focused on Canadian REALTORS®, brokers and banners. We provide listing data management for board data and national data feeds across Canada. REALTORS® have a unique need when it comes to marketing online. The industry is highly competitive and requires a distinctive local approach. We attain amazing results for our real estate customers because we combine technology with years of tried and true marketing experience.

Software Development

Software development is often the intangible missing piece when it comes to great website development. Whether you use a software and need it to work with your website or you need to create software to make your business more efficient there's always a place for it. Understanding software and development is at the core of our business, because technology is not subjective. Having an experienced development team that can problem solve for you is imperative. The Internet is always, always changing. A good developer eats, and breathes technology. Hire developers for their reliability above all.

Content Creation

Eminem said it best, words are weapons. In digital marketing nothing is more true. Content creation is used not only to bolster your brand and create 'the message' but also to drive traffic. There's a fine balance when it comes to content creation especially when we write for SEO purposes. When we write content for your business we learn everything we can about your business. We ask questions that we know your customers want the answers to, so that we can create content that resonates. We write for a range of topics, tones, and reading levels. Important to note, is that all of our content is written in-house. This is a key factor when it comes to developing local content that speaks to your customers. Content creation is the most important component to marketing today. Regularly updated & optimized content makes your web property more valuable in today's hyper-paced market.

Consulting + Reporting

Consulting and reporting is important to your ROI. Our digital marketing customers get both in our reporting feature. Every two months our MWP customers receive a detailed report. The report is designed to share the work that was completed on the website each month along with ranking changes, social media statistics, lead tracking, and traffic. We also provide our thoughts on all of the above along with tips on what our customers can do to assist. In addition, we outline any changes both on or offline that should be made in order to improve. Reporting is one of the most important touchpoints that we have with our customers. It provides everyone with regular communication, so that nothing is left forgotten. Regular reporting promotes transparency so you never have to wonder what's happening with your website each month. Reach out to learn more about reporting & consulting for your website.

Hosting + Domains

Domain registration is one of those things. It's the thing a lot of people seem to do on a whim and without much thought into how important a domain can become to your business in the future. On average a business lasts 16 years in Canada. Think about that number when you register your domain name. If you lost your domain in year 10 and lost all of the content that was associated with it, how would that impact your operations? We've seen it all when it comes to domain names. We. Have. Seen. It. All. Registering a domain with a professional company comes with it's benefits. Professional companies won't let your domain expire and get gobbled up by someone else. Lost domain credentials, ownership disputes/changes, they can all impact you when you least expect. Protect the time you invest into your website by having it managed by a reputable business & secure your investment now & down the road.

Security + Maintenance

Security and Maintenance are two peas in a pod. Every year that goes by they become more complex and important. Security is important for everyone on the Internet. If you offer content or promote your business online then you should provide customers with the promise of a secure experience. One where their data won't be unknowingly sold and their devices won't be affected by malicious software. We offer monthly maintenance in addition to mandatory annual maintenance. Annual maintenance includes SSL purchasing and installation, SSL validation & verification for SEO integrity, firewall ruleset updates & implementation, browser console review, plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress Core updates, PHP+MySQL review & analysis. We also provide recommendations on improving the site. The annual maintenance review is critical.

Marketing Kelowna Business Since 2001

We’ve seen a few things come and go as far as digital marketing in Kelowna has been concerned. New technology has replaced everything from humans to better robots. Old ways have become new again. When you got your start in the ’90s it means you’ve seen things. Things have been reinvented over and over from movies to ads.  Sometimes it feels like the world is running out of ideas. Good thing we’re not. Get in touch to learn more about how Atomic 55 can help you with marketing in Kelowna. 

Old is always new again.

Take the ads below. Can you tell which one was created earlier this year (2022) and which one was made in the ’70s? To say that designers borrow heavily from decades past is the understatement of a generation. I’ve often thought of how weird it must be for some seniors and older folks to see their fashion, ads, movies, and culture re-purposed and not even subtly repackaged to serve a new generation. In fact, I’m starting to get it more and more, especially with all the talk of low-rise jeans making a comeback. Visit us on FB because if we follow the pattern then that should be making a comeback soon too. 

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