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Digital Marketing is Good for Business.

Each and every business can benefit from digital marketing, whether that’s through a social media company in Kelowna, or through a managed, paid Ad Words campaign. Most importantly you need content to be King these days. And don’t even begin looking at AI to generate content until you read this first. 

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Without a professional to manage your online marketing campaigns you could be wasting both time & money.

For example, have you been unsuccessful with Google AdWords? 

We often hear from business professionals who say that digital marketing doesn’t work. It does, and it is the most beneficial spend you can make. If you haven’t had success then it’s time to hire a professional to research, plan and execute a digital marketing strategy that is going to be successful for your business.

Same, same, but different?

Take a minute. Learn what each service can do.

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Paid advertising has changed throughout the years, and determining where to spend your hard-earned money matters more than ever.  With an ever-growing plethora of advertising platforms, it can be ultra confusing where to place your bets.   To make matters even more bewildering the paid advertising industry uses terms like KPI, CPM, CPC, PPC, PPV, VTC, CPL, CPA, CTR, CTA, DSP, and many others; it’s like learning a new language, just to begin your research on where to spend your money – what?  All this work so I can spend money?  Setting up a paid advertising campaign is not something a business owner should ever attempt to do without consulting a professional.  The bottom line is that you will waste your money 100% of the time.

A great deal of experience and knowledge must be injected into every campaign that is developed, otherwise, the only result will be a wasted marketing budget.   The days of popping into Google Adwords and quickly setting up a campaign to advertise your business ended about 10 years ago.   

click fraud prevention PPC campaignsThe Pitfalls to Watch for.

Click fraud is rampant, privacy rules block the search results, and determining where and who to focus your ads on has never been more important.  Without key pieces of technology built into the marketing stack, the results can be disastrous.   

Our technology stack costs thousands of dollars each month, giving our customers all of the advantages necessary to compete in a marketplace driven by the highest level of competition.   Make no mistake you need to pay to play, but with the right combination of software, experience, and business acumen there is ample opportunity to garner traffic that will build your business faster than your competitors.

Where to start?

How do I know which advertising platform is going to yield the best results?  The most effective way to begin is to schedule a call to learn a little bit more about your business, and what you are looking to achieve.     The advertising landscape is vast, and it is budget-dependent.   Some traffic is very easy to acquire, and some is very hard.   Some campaigns are quite simple to set up and others are labour intensive. 

For example, advertising campaigns where the main driver is a text-based call to action can be configured and set up in a couple of hours, while others can take some time to dream up.   Video, interactive, or other emotive campaigns can be time-consuming to develop the creative that drives the end results.  The end platform that the ads run on is typically the easiest part of the whole process.   The value that a marketing agency can provide, is all of the steps, in between the keyword research and the launch configuration process, and there are a lot of them.



very digital marketing account is unique. Each business has a separate list of goals from increasing brand awareness to generating more sales. If you're getting started online then get out of the gates properly. If you've been in the game a long time and are ready to start doing it the right way then get in touch. We can discuss your past experiences, your future goals and come up with a plan to make your website attract the right customers online.

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