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Celebrating 20 years of research and development for countless clients across the globe.  All we can say is we’d love to work on your project next!

Where Are We?

WFH. Work from home. When COVID reared it’s ugly head we were already feeling restless, so giving up our office for the last 6 years wasn’t a difficult decision. Fast forward and after a year of WFH, the word restless takes on an entirely new meaning.  As it stands, most of us continue to work where the winds blow on any given day. If you’re working with us we never play hard to get and you probably already know we work 24/7.

Youuu’lll Find Us

#101-773 Glenmore Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y3B9, CANADA
+ 1 877 762 9453
+ 1 250 763 9453

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No stranger danger here, say heyyyy!