email going into spam folder

Email going into spam folder?


re you losing sleep at night because you had a customer tell you that your email never arrived, and you were certina that you sent it? Email deliverability is critical in today’s landscape, and 2nd guessing where your mail goes when you send it, is no joking matter. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your email is going to be delivered to its destination. Lets go over them quickly:

“Email is critical to the success of your business, and its overall interoperability.”

DNS Records

What in the world is a DNS record?  These records are the underpinnings of what allows a website and its email to function.  Email uses a set of specific records in order to ensure your email address is legitimate and not sending spam.  


If your email is not configured correctly, it can be spoofed or misinterpreted and someone can gain access to your account and do all kinds of bad things.  For example if your email is spoofed and starts to send spam through your domain, your IP and domain can end up in a blacklist.  This can dramatically affect the delivery of your email.

Email Optimization

Sometimes the infrastructure might be in good condition, but the email still ends up in the spam folder.  This is because the structure of the email is not arranged in such a way that another email server likes.  

Email optimization is critical more than ever today, and if you need any help investigating your email delivery issues, please contact us right away for some assistance.