Graphic designers are the people who carry out the graphic arts in a professional manner, who congregate the images, symbols and words to convey the message in a different manner. Graphic designing is defined as the practice of designing or creating the printing form and electronic forms of visual information for advertisements, publications and for websites.

Role of a graphic designer

The following are some of the roles and the duties to be accomplished by them. It is the duty of the graphic designer to organize the various elements to deliver a desired message.

  1. They examine and create effective visual communication to improve the client’s image, product or service.
  2. The designing is done according to the client’s needs, it is totally client oriented. The designer and the clients work together to create a best way to implement the client’s message. An effective graphic designer brings the artistic and strategic skills and works out for the designing process.
  3. They should make the clients understand that communicating via graphics could create a pleasing image to their business. A healthy relationship between the designer and the client helps both of them to enhance their business.
  4. This field has changed a lot technically, but the job profile of the graphic designers still remains the same.
  5. They analyze and bring out problems to the solution visually, they utilize the best way to spread message, so it reaches the end users quickly. They present the newspapers in an attractive way and also prepare logos for the products. Through this way, they are helpful in all the levels of designing process.

Elements used in graphic designing process

  • The central part of any design is the element. Like principles, elements help to balance and complement the graphics. One of the basic graphic design elements is line. When lines are used skillfully, it enhances the form and the message of a design.
  • Shapes convey meaning and organize design simultaneously.
  • Mass examines the shape size and determines how well it fits on the page.
  • Colors are used to create the atmosphere, they desire. Colors highly help out to balance the graphics.
  • Texture provides visual surface and it adds a spark to the graphics.
  • Space provides stability and elegance.

Graphic designers are practical artists who indulge themselves to provide service to the clients. They use illustration, color, photography and animation for implementation in printing, websites, graphics and other forms of visual communication. Kelowna and Vancouver has various graphic designers to choose from. The website related to designing process provides the list of graphic designers present in Kelowna and Vancouver, so it is your option to choose the best and professional out of them.