Today, it has become more common to hear technological terms pertaining to computer and internet. The number of people who have access to World Wide Web had been increased in their number. It is possible to transfer the information in a very fast manner, for which web hosting helps to a certain extent. It is a business of providing information and services to the organization and users for storage and connectivity which is required to maintain files for the website and it is a type of internet hosting service. The company which provides web hosting services are called web host.

Types of web hosting

Shared: Here the same server is shared by different clients and it is very cheap. In this type, your website is hosted on a server that is shared by other customers. This is affordable, at the same time, you must be aware of the hosting packages provided by the web host.

Dedicated: This is somewhat complicated when compared to the previous one. Here, there is no sharing business. An individual should make use of the entire server and they also have access to all the resources and are able to host more than one site. This serves to be more reliable hosting service for the customers.

Windows: This type is based on packages offered by the hosting company. The commonly used ones are windows and Linux.

E-commerce: Before choosing a service, it is important to know the purpose of the website, whether it is for personal or business use. This type helps to do the business easily, because it provides you with ecommerce tools.

There are various companies in Kelowna and Vancouver which provides affordable and reliable web hosting services. Get to know the reviews of several web hosting services, before selecting any company. By searching through the net, it is possible to get information regarding the various web hosts in Kelowna.

The following are the features offered in many web hosting plans- Control panel – helps in setting up and updating the website.

– Disk space – helps in the growth of reseller, so that he could utilize the host provider space.
– Band width – It refers to the amount of data sent or received per unit time.
– Email account.
– Script language.
– Database.
– Customer Support.

Advantages of Web hosting

  1. Provides ability to set up secured server.
  2. Helps to advertise and publish your innovative business ideas and preferences on internet.
  3. The customers could get valuable information on different topics such as tourism, banking etc.
  4. Individuals get various job opportunities who can serve as resellers for various web hosting companies.