Going in Circles?

Digital Marketing ain’t easy.


Digital Marketing ain't easy. To do it right, you need a team of experts that have been invested in the industry for years. The peak of knowledge required to manage all of the assets of a successful digital marketing foundation is one steep mountain. Any misstep along the marketing climb with a novice, can cause an immense amount of heartache - from lost domain names, to a total and utter waste of money and time.

Some of the key aspects of our industry cover off the following areas of knowledge.  These capstone blocks are bricks in the foundation granting a true understanding of the industry.


Domain management and DNS configuration

Record management and email configuration setup constructs

Domain topology and security layers

Server configuration, management of core daemons, protocols, and directives

Implementation of traffic mitigation strategies, and firewalls

Migration and redeployment of core web assets


Core design structures and understanding psychological models.

Software usage skills (SUS) to identify and build the necessary graphics, UI, and other graphic modeling constructs.  

Understanding of online and offline graphic systems.

Vector vs Raster


Web Design

Front end web core: HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, ….

Back end web development:  SQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, …. 

Stack identification and the facilitation of a framework


Identification of digital business models, and successful implementations.

eCommerce configuration and successful foundations to grow from.

Concepts, queries and structures related to selling online.

Development of a brand, and the core competencies of being timeless.

build a new website

The company you choose to manage your digital footprint should be well versed in all aspects of the above concepts.  Finding the right balance of team size is a critical factor in being successful.  Too large of a team, and the project can get lost in a quagmire of communication.    A small team with each team member having expertise 20+ years is ideal.  This balance of knowledge, and efficiency is typically the best recipe for success.   The challenge is that most companies that operate this way are typically very busy, due to the high level of output.  Quality is always worth waiting for however, and we highly encourage waiting for a company that has a proven track record, with a deep reservoir of knowledge over someone pushing cheap and quick.    If you want more information on how Atomic 55 can help you with your next idea, please contact us.