The start of 2014 will be a year for the mobile, as we can see a growing trend in today’s society people are using their mobiles to access social media. Adobe did a survey on consumers to really find out how much people are using their mobile to access social media etc. The answer to that question is a massive 71%.

So far experts state ‘…global mobile advertising spending to reach $18 billion this year, up from the estimated $13.1 billion in 2013. By 2017 it’s projecting the market will have sized up to be worth $41.9 billion’.

Needless to say these numbers where people are using their mobile devices more and more cannot be ignored, so therefore websites created here Atomic55 are always mobile friendly. Our clients here at Atomic55 are cared for to ensure they do not miss this opportunity, that their site has been setup for mobile optimization so they do not miss potential leads and are open to this increase in the market trend.