At Atomic 55, located in Kelowna BC,  we specialize in search engine optimization or SEO of your business website.  Perhaps you have a website that is getting little to no traffic or you maybe you have tried SEM / PPC campaigns with little or no success converting customers.   We can help you take your website to the first page of Google and start attracting a relevant volume of customers that are truly interested in your products and services.

Right about now you are asking yourself, how do we optimize your site so that it will be boosted in Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s rankings.   The truth is that it takes a lot of work to optimize a site so the search engines are sent the right signals to boost your ranking.  Our unique, methodical approach has been designed to examine all on page website factors, external marketing sources and social indicators to give us a holistic picture of how your site’s internet marketing is currently performing.     We look at how your site’s DNS is configured, if you have any WWW redirects or URL rewrites, as well as ensuring that you have a proper sitemap, robots file, and ton of other on page factors.

Once the health of your site has been confirmed, we need to begin developing content and adjusting the site to focus on the keywords that are important to your business.   Building the right site linking topology and content pyramid is critical since the latest Google Penguin update.   Once the site is optimized, then the external work begins.  Publishing your site in external locations, as well as building high quality linking strategies are critical to ensure the site is sending the right signals to the search engines and therefore improving your internet marketing / search engine positioning and optimization.

The last step in this process is to ensure that your site is monitored and your rankings are changing in the direction we want them to – UP.   We measure traffic metrics such as who is coming to your site, and from where: search engines, referral traffic, direct traffic.   We also track every movement in your site through software called   The power if this application is truly amazing as it tracks your positions on a daily basis and allows both the company and the customer to plot the success of their marketing spend.

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