Case Study [Tourism]


nfinity Yacht focuses on a niche online market segment within the tourism space. They market yacht vacations to discerning schooners worldwide. This is a sophisticated market that doesn't like to waste time. They also care deeply about a couple things, privacy and security to get specific. The marine industries operate very similarly to real estate websites. Both provide customers with a catalogue of potential options in any given area through a data feed. Each data feed requires an output for it to display on the front end so that customers can take the next step and submit a lead. Prices, photos, documents, descriptions, and reviews are all balanced on a page filled with strategically placed calls to action wrapped in an elegant display. How does that happen from a spreadsheet of otherwise garbled code? That's the magic of programming and using1's and 0's to create art. Yachts and code. Who knew.


5 Star Rating in Google

Custom Website + Programming


nfinity Yacht relies on A55 to maintain a flawless user experience for very discerning customers. Attention to detail has never been valued more in this scenario. The end user expects to perform a flawless transaction from start to finish. This includes searching, displaying correct information, photos, pricing and availability. A trained and steady eye is required in order to maintain such a niche data set in a demanding use case for high net worth individuals.

Coding is just another language. Unfortunately, unlike Italian or Mandarin, it isn't universally deciphered through Google Translate.


aintaining data takes a combination of skill and practice. Data to the untrained eye looks like a jumbled mess if we're being honest. But if you speak the language of code you can see the forest for the tress. It's not hard to then extrapolate the most important parts of what you've received and match it up to a front end design that makes perfect sense to an end-user. Our job starts with maintaining clean data for Infinity Yacht and translating that data into a smooth user experience for customers around the world.

Branding Clean up


f you've been in the same business long enough then chances are high that you will adjust your logo and maybe even your messaging as you evolve. It's a natural part of being in business. Some ideas fall out of favour and with those ideas design, packaging and messaging need to fall in line. In the case of Infinity Yacht Charters we were tasked with cleaning up the old logo to fit with today's technology and standards. This can be tricky without industry software especially if the files are out of date, or are missing original fonts. We were able to take the existing logo for Infinity Yacht Charters clean up the lines, match a close but newly modernized font and along the way documented the details for the customer in a succinct guide that will help future designers who find themselves in the same position. A brand guide doesn't have to be complicated but there are details that cannot be left out. Those details must include, all fonts, spacing and effects along with specific colours and if you're really picky you can throw in the do's and dont's of positioning. The details of brand guides are really dependant on a few things. Mainly the motivation of the designer and the application of the customer. Some designers treat their designs like children and the thought of sending them out into the wild for the customer or another third party to freely interpret can create anxiety on a whole other scale. Others, leave the brand up for interpretation and are content that the original is original and the paying customer is always right.

Set your design free. If you see it scaled wrong in the wild can you handle it? That's where brand guides come in.

Working with 3rd Party Providers


lot of what you do in the software development realm is based around working with other teams. They can be marketing teams, programming and engineering teams, in-house management teams, boards and legal. The more and more we focus online as humans the more humans and their teams want to have a say. In some cases this can be tricky to pull off, especially for software engineers. They generally speak a language that not many understand and for many they have processes in place to accomplish their work that don't make a lot of sense to people on the outside looking in. Often times for an engineer working on a project in the early stages can look a lot like an inaccurate mess. They test and leave things broken that appear monumental to someone not understanding the method behind the madness. An engineer knows how easy or difficult a task is based on the number of questions that are generated when the customer approaches the project. As a rule things outlined as easy or simple are generally not. Things that are outlined as difficult and important can be. Working together is still the name of the game so how do you accomplish this when you aren't all speaking the same dialogue? Trust in the process and a great QA lead on the team. Pogrammers need QA like a bee needs honey. In the case of Infinity Yacht Charters, hiring A55 to work on the data component of the website was a perfect fit due to our long haul experience in the real estate field.

The one truth about online marketing is that it can always be adjusted. Investing in good QA is par for the course. Spelling tests optional.