Case Study [SAAS]


YNCRO is a live chat software offering the freedom to be more productive. SYNCRO Website chat software connects the mobile salesforce instantly to their website leads by bridging the gap between website chat and SMS. You can use any mobile phone. It doesn't have to be the latest tech to work. There's no need to download any apps. SYNCRO is the quintessential SAAS product. Developed out of a need for busy REALTORS® it was quickly adapted to work with all levels of business. Atomic 55 has been developing SAAS products for customers, and ourselves primarily to improve gaps in efficiency. When software is thoughtfully developed it can fill an immense need to streamline any operation. Centralized software portals can improve communication, unify data, and provide peace of mind for key decision makers in any business. Software makes the world go 'round. SAAS based solutions offer your business a chance to generate that elusive recurring revenue profile while improving your bottom line and eliminating functional loss.


5 Star Rating in Google

Custom Website + Marketing


f you're looking then you'll find that live chat websites are everywhere. Eerily enough they also offer up the same robotic messaging and solutions. Robots or not we knew that with SYNCRO we would need to flip the message around for a chance. SYNCRO itself is different than any other chat software to begin with. Stand-out features included the staunch adversity to requiring a downloadable app. We knew that for this tech to work it had to be ubiquitous in every sense of the word and that started with marketing and bled through to transparent, dead-easy, pricing models.

B2b (Business to business). SYNCRO is messaged as H2h (Human to human). Do you speak with brands or the humans of said brands? Bingo!


hat's why we chose to focus on what SYNCRO did better than anyone else. Human powered and connection were our main touch points. Using a spin on B2b (Business to business) we came up with H2h (Human to human). A play on words for an old marketing adage that succinctly described the difference in our SAAS chat solution. It isn't a bot because I think we can all admit that no one in forNever has had a meaningful AI conversation lately. This chat tool relies on the power of human connection to work. The website and marketing solutions hinge on telling the story of how something so little (one line of code) can transform the efficiency of your business in such a colossal and meaningful way.

Branding, Ads & More Ads!


uring the early days SYNCRO was pretty fresh. Patent application fresh, so we had to take it on tour to get some early traction. A catchy logo modelled through a universally recognized shape was developed using bold (garish?) primary colours. It stands out and people have strong feelings about it. But that's okay. Having a logo that generates a reaction, good or bad means you've got a pulse. These are good things. Asking yourself if you'd rather have something nobody notices at all or something that provocates further conversation should be your line of questioning when making decisions like this. Reognition is recognition. If your logo makes you a villain or a hero in someone's story, the main takeaway is that you're in the story at all. We use the chat bubble in all facets of marketing and it can be adjusted to take any colour palette. SYNCRO benefits from all sorts of on and offline marketing solutions, but none are as valuable as the free trial. Allowing full demos of your software for a brief period of time demonstrate that you are confident in your product and even more confident in your conversion mechanisms. We use SYNCRO to power SYNCRO. That might sound obvious but in addition to chatting with new leads it also helps to manage leads, and customer data. We can follow up with anyone at anytime from multiple access points.

Now more than ever business needs to be flexible. SYNCRO is a fan of this message.

Software Development or Making Tea?


nce upon a time we had a blog post on our website that got a lot of attention. Actually, we had several, but recently age has triumphed over tone. The "snarky" blog post in reference was related to a long-standing (if you're a developer) analogy where building software is compared to making a cup of tea. You can copy and paste that into a search engine and I'm sure you'll find the original post. Regardless, I will annotate. The author states I want to build software. It's a really simple idea it just needs to do X. So in order to solve for X we bring in the tea analogy, because making a cup of tea is also considered very "simple". Easy, because we all know how to do it, right? Right. So, let's assume someone has never made a cup of tea before. Can you imagine the questions that would be asked? Well, the author did all the hypotheszing for us and came up with at least 3 iterations and 12 steps to getting your cup of tea just right. Considering that should tell you a lot about programming. It's never straightforward and there is always more than one way to attack a problem. Software requires maintenance to be great. It's like a little Tamagotchi - feed it or it dies. SYNCRO's inner Tamagotchi is very well maintained, because we enjoy making tea for that little bugger.

SYNCRO's tools and features continually evolve but our human-centric messaging remains. Check SYNCRO's website for more information on how SYNCRO can help you bring life back to your business. Tell the Robots to [Fill in Blank].