Thank you for being our friends. And Colleagues.  And forever, always… our Guinea Pigs.

But more importantly thanks for voting. If there’s anything we can learn from our neighbours down South (hint: it’s not how to spell neighbour) it’s how important voting is.

Nothing could be truer when it comes down to voting for your faves in the annual Best of the Okanagan issue as voted by readers of OK Life.  So thanks you incredibly astute readers of Okanagan Life you! We’re flattered to be keeping company with other prodigious local companies.  We’re also thankful for a year’s worth of marketing and tag lines gifted to us on a silver platter for 2013. Barring that whole unfortunate December 21st end of the world thing doesn’t go down, of course.

So tell me, who’s ready to get down to business time with the Number One Web Design and Software Development Company in the Central Okanagan??  That’s right. It’s going to be that way. We’re here all year folks. Number one. Top dog. Numero Uno. First. Winning. Champions. Champs. Titleholders.

We’ve. Got. The. Belt. And it kind of feels like this: