With the emergence of many different content management systems out there, it’s important to know the importance of having an expert with years of experience developing your website on these platforms. Of all these platforms WordPress has always stood high above the rest, due to its easy installation, user friendly interface, and much more. And having an expert WordPress website developer is paramount to having a professional custom website.

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Our History

Here at Atomic55 we have been using WordPress since its inception. In the early days of WordPress website development, our job was much more difficult as there was not a library of millions of themes available. We had to learn the code from scratch, and take the PHP and shortcodes within WordPress, and apply them to a custom theme.

Once the library of WordPress themes began to grow we were able to use great themes, and combine our years of custom development and programming knowledge to develop amazing semi-custom and completely custom websites. Because of that we have been able to evolve with the upgrades in technology with the platform over the years, to become a seasoned WordPress web design company.

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Why we use WordPress

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why WordPress has remained the best CMS out there, and here are a few reasons why we choose to use WordPress:

Free of charge
One of the best things about WordPress is that it is free. Being a WordPress web design company, it is so helpful to have a free CMS with a vast library of free themes and plugins. This way we’re not eating the cost of the project, and our clients aren’t paying for the themes or plugins that are necessary for WordPress website development.

SEO Friendly
With SEO being the most important marketing tool at your disposal these days, having an SEO friendly CMS is critical. Which is another reason we choose WordPress over any other CMS out there. The code in which the WordPress framework is made up of uses standard compliance high-quality code, meaning it is the most search engine friendly framework available. So when you hire a WordPress web development company to build your site, you’re already on your way to getting found in the search engines.

Another benefit of using this framework as a WordPress website developer is that all WordPress themes are 100% responsive. This means that your website works seamlessly on all desktop and laptop resolutions/monitors, mobile phones, tablets, and more, without the user having to refresh the website or click on a “View site on mobile” link.

Maintenance and security
Another thing that should be important to every WordPress web design company is keeping your clients website’s up to date and secure. The beauty of WordPress is you will always be notified when a new WordPress version and plugin versions are available for upgrade. These upgrades ensure that your website is always using the latest and greatest technology, while being completely secure from malicious code and exploits.

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WordPress plugin development

Another great thing about WordPress is that the framework is completely open source, which means that a WordPress plugin developer is able to build custom plugins for WordPress. With that in mind, we thought we should take a stab at building our own.

Atomic55 is not a lone company, we also started EstateVue. EstateVue started out as just a 360 tour company for the real estate photography market. But once we saw the potential we moved into building real estate marketing tools for brokerages and agents.

Because of that we also needed to build a WordPress plugin for EstateVue so that we could give our website clients the best of both worlds. So on top of being a wordpress development company, we also took our knowledge and expertise to become a WordPress plugin developer. To find out more about EstateVue and our wordpress plugin click here.

In conclusion, hiring a WordPress web developer is the best decision to can make when it comes to your online marketing. For more information contact us today for a free quote!