For people new to the industry or business owners just starting out, building a website can be tricky and they are unsure where to start. Well the framework of the website is one of the first things you need to look at. With the technology we have nowadays almost every website is built over a CMS (Content Management System), and through our many years of experience we have found that WordPress is one of the best and most user friendly website frameworks out there.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using WordPress and hiring a Kelowna Web Design Company to build your WordPress website.

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Cost Effective

This first point will definitely be important for companies just starting out, WordPress is free to download. The WordPress CMS is free as well as some themes and plugins, but there are some themes and plugins that do cost money, these ones are typically on the higher end but worth the money. Of course you still need the expertise to build the website overtop of the framework, which is why we always recommend hiring a Kelowna Web Design Company like Atomic 55.

kelowna web design company,marketing agency kelowna,Kelowna Web Design

User Friendly

The WordPress CMS is extremely user friendly and was designed that way. It does take some technical know-how to install it and get it up and running, but once that is done you will find the backend is very easy to navigate and use. Some companies will make custom changes to the backend depending on the website, so it is important to make sure your Kelowna Web Design Company gives you a full tutorial once your website is complete.

kelowna web design company,marketing agency kelowna,Kelowna Web Design

Community Support

Latest statistics now show that 30& of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress, and it also has 60% of the CMS market. This means that the number of people using WordPress is much higher than any other CMS, meaning the support community is much larger. If you ever have a question about something or need help fixing something, the answer is likely out there on the WordPress support page, plugin comments and support, and other support forums.

kelowna web design company,marketing agency kelowna,Kelowna Web Design

Safe & Secure

These days there are many hackers out there trying to take advantage and exploit your website, which is why WordPress has made is so easy to keep your website safe and secure. WordPress is always releasing new versions of its software and plugins, and it is important to know that keeping your website up to date is critical when keeping it secure.

Updating these systems yourself is fairly easy to do, but you may run into issues with plugins conflicting with each other or the latest version of WordPress, so we recommend getting a website professional to manage the updates, as they have the expertise to fix any issues that may arise.

In Conclusion

These are just a few reasons why WordPress is the best CMS out there! If you have any questions about your website, contact your local Kelowna web design company – Atomic55.