So you want some fancy edgy creative, eh?! Well, it’s a good thing you found us…or is it?

Does your branding suck? Marketing not looking so hot? Business fighting for establishment? Sounds to me like you need some up-to-snuff branding and marketing strategies to get you back on the field…but can you handle the heat?

After we spend countless hours in a brainstorming void, waking up in the middle of the night like a cow getting struck by lightning, sending 3 am e-mails, incessant texting and verbal banter about how much your ideas suck or #win, yelling and fighting over why your idea should be the one, the background research, developing a supporting argument for the concept to convince the client your madness actually does have a method, and all the emotional breakdowns in-between, a campaign is born from the ashes of our sanity.

Then comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the bold-faced ‘what the f&@% is this’ look after about 10 seconds of pitching to the client. Nothing quite makes you want to stuff your face in a urinal to rid your mind of the smell of defeat like having your perfectly curated campaign crumpled into a ball and shoved down your throat.

See, we’ve run into this problem too many times to count where clients decide they want something different, something eye catching, something that will launch them into superstardom and dunk the competition in boiling water at the same time. However what they they don’t realize and can’t come to terms with is that, yes, the old name will be buried, yes, you need to take a different approach, yes, your branding needs a facelift, yes, this is a great campaign, yes, this will most certainly be the right step in a new direction…and then enter the client’s cold feet.

The problem with good creative: everybody wants it, but hardly anybody has the balls to step up and take the recommendation. They say the grass is greener on the other side, but how the hell are you supposed to know that without ever stepping up to the bridge? Without even a glimpse at that ever so lush grass, clients tuck their tails between their legs, turn on their heels, and start chewing on that same tasteless dried up crappy lawn they’ve been eating for the past decade.

In Conclusion

We don’t tell clients how they should run their business – they know how to do that better than we do. All we’re doing is telling you how to sell your product, how to stand out, how to effectively turn heads, and other magical marketing marvels. We’ve been doing this just as long as you’ve been doing whatever it is you do, so who’s to say its your place to stick your finger in our pie? We’re not telling you how to run your business, we’re telling you how to sell it. All we’re saying is that we’d appreciate if you left our pie alone. Capiche? If you don’t want your business to kick off in a new direction, get a branding makeover, or to get a ‘modern and edgy campaign’, then stop calling us. Do yourself and your business a favour, take a leap of faith, or do it yourself.

*Yes, if you’re currently a client, this may or may not be about you…sorry…sort of.


image courtesy of fancycwabs