Ok now stand easy the wild the weird the strange for 2013 is not over yet. Apps are being created to barter or give away leftovers from other peoples meals. In Sierra new drivers have to play a board game to get their driver’s license or a 33 year old Justin Bieber fan had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like his idol.

However on Tuesday 22nd of Oct Facebook announced they are lifting a ban allowing beheading videos to be viewed. This ban was brought in on May 2013 due to an outcry of showing such material, but I guess the idea of a site that allows as young as 13 year old users to have access to such graphic bloody content is not an issue. There are currently protestors that have the idea even if the content is hard to watch shouldn’t apply for it to be hidden. This argument is thin, especially on an ethic level for such a social interaction that accepts incidents that happen even within the scope of judiciaries that make an acceptable practice of punishment.

But when you think Facebook has no moral directions they do support pictures and videos of mothers breastfeeding cause it is a NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL ACT if only the child is actively engaged in nursing, however if there is a bare nipple with no baby wrapped around it violates Facebooks Terms.
Does an image/video of a victim or guilty person getting their head cut off fits within the scope of being NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL ACT. Maybe we should ask Bethany Morton a mother who got kicked out of an Old Country Buffet for breastfeeding cause the nipple was bare for a moment, I am sure a beheading would be fine as long you leave 20% tip.