Possibly one of the most loved/hated days to grace the calendar, Valentine”s day invokes a turbulent mix of emotions in people, whether it be out of love, jealousy, self-pity, or an arsenal of other negative emotions. The unfortunate part about Valentine”s day is that it would appear to be more of an “I”m single and hate it” holiday rather than a celebration of love and relationships, whether it be with a significant other, family, dear friends, etc. The dreadful cloud that lingers above peoples” heads on this day is something that needs to be cured, so we have compiled a few different Valentine”s day pick-me-uppers to help you through this hard day…or to make this special day even a bit more special.

Android Valentine”s day apps..because who doesn”t like new apps, right?! This collection of 12 apps are actually pretty broad-spectrum and include some fun ones like Open Table, a dinner reservation app, Valentine”s Day Fun Facts, and even an Ambient Fireplace app. A random collection that”s sure to include some apps for couples and singles alike. Click the link to view the whole list:


For the couples: Should any of you be so lucky as to be popping/being asked “the big question” be sure to check out a new niche website focused around weddings and marriage called lover.ly. Being compared to Pinterest, lover.ly is said to be a very cohesive unit focused around sharing ideas to make your special day as magical as possible. Click to read more about lover.ly.

For the singles: Are you wondering why you can”t find the right partner? Wondering what you can to do make a change that will cause potential matches to flock to you? Turns out that a recent survey indicated that owning your own place may in fact be this missing puzzle piece. According to the survey, only 2% of women and 3% of men would prefer to date somebody renting than who owned their place…a pretty big margin in favour of ownership! 62% of both women and men also said they preferred to date somebody who lived alone, regardless of renting or owning. Lastly, for the boomerang generation out there, less than 5% surveyed said they would date somebody who lived with their parents. Obviously there will always be exceptions when meeting new potential dates, however maybe moving out of your parents place and into your own, or possibly ditching your roommate may in fact improve your situation.

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The title of this post (<3) is actually a member of the Oxford Dictionary”s repertoire, including OMG, LOL, and FYI.


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