One of the biggest mistakes a website designer could make is to misuse or overuse of graphic images on their website page. Website designer become more enthusiastic about making use of new technology, which they tend to concentrate on “appearance” other than a functionality of webpage. Your website page graphics have to serve a function. If a graphic image’s only function is to appear cool, then you are needlessly increasing the download time of your web pages. Appearance may eventually cost you more money and make you lose your possible customers.

The following list is a synopsis of the kinds of graphic images that are suitable on a web page:

  • Navigation buttons – Navigation buttons are used to assist visitors to navigate your web page. If planned well, these buttons could be much easier to read and find other than text links.
  • Image maps – These are also used to assist visitors navigate your web site. If designed in a good way, image maps really add up to the visual demand of a website page but could noticeably increase the page’s download time.
  • Logo and Sign– These are used for your company or business identity. Logos boost brand name recognition and also add visual demand to any of the document or website page.
  • Backdrop images – These are used to improve the visual demand of a website page and make a web site simpler to navigate. One of the most usual background images is a sidebar that generally contains the links to the other pages in your site.
  • Photos – These are widely used to make your website pages look more personal and even more inviting. Visitors’ eyes are in nature drawn to photos of people. A total necessity to display products on certain e-commerce sites.

All the graphic images on your web page need to match in color, font, and other special effects. Your navigation buttons, mastheads, and divider lines appear most excellent if they are intended using one of the colors in your logo. Remember, graphic images are first and foremost used to improve a web pages function. If graphic images significantly rises your web pages’ download time, you would have to either size down the graphic images, restore them with smaller images, or could be replaced with the HTML default bullets, horizontal rules, or colored heading text.