I know. I know. I know, I know.  The title really does explain it-right?  Who hasn’t been guilty of neglect?  Neglecting their own marketing?  For god sakes I am a marketing company. I sell marketing, I market. Marketing. And I am guilty of not marketing. So please. Don’t feel bad.  We aren’t all super-dee-duper-heroes.  We all fall prey to “life”.  LIFE. BUSINESS. BUSY. WORKING FOR YOURSELF.  And, yeah those are Cory caps.  Anyway, I have been going over my ‘To-Do’ list and I’ve noticed a consistency lately. A trend.  At the very end of my daily list – in regular 11pt text, are the words; ‘Update Atomic Portfolio’.  Yeah. Nope. Haven’t done it. It never gets the old strike through. In fact, I even deleted our FB page with a plan of starting fresh for 2012 and I haven’t even been able to do that.  I think we have 0 for ‘likes’.  Oops.

Is that a good thing?  I mean we are marketing for all of our clients.  We’re out there. We’re still learning and growing, but we definitely are not practicing what we are preaching in this area, for ourselves. Guilty. As.Charged. SEO. Yes we are. SEM? Don’t even have to – I mean, really, check out those organic listings! Social?  Not at all for A55.  Weak.   EV? Yes. 100%. But take this blog-fession as my personal admittance that we can be (and will be) doing better with our social media presence for Atomic.

In house, we have a dedicated team of 3 (next week to be 4), where all we are doing is content creation, campaign creation, original content creation, syndication and overall publicity pumping.  Selfishly, (maybe) I have added Atomic into that regular rotation of clients.

Atomic is socially aware. And for 2012. We are about to prove it. Like a…(fill in the blank) We are officially here to socially annoy you 🙂