We were curious about which tweets are getting the most viewers on the Twittersphere, and there seems to be no surprises. With the sheer volume of followers, one bad tweet can sink their reputations faster than a sex tape. We also found that the most popular Tweeters out there tend to be singers (8 out of the top 10), and the same fraction goes for female tweeters. So what are our conclusions? The key to being a Twitter superstar is to possess 1) a Grammy and 2) two X chromosomes. Eye opening.

1. Lady Gaga  20,376,974
2. Justin Bieber 18,221,423
3. Katy Perry 15,891,167
4. Shakira 14,577,201
5. Rihanna 14,507,696
6. Britney Spears 13,735,836
7. Kim Kardashian 13,714,058
8. Barack Obama 12,893,073
9. Taylor Swift 11,529,565
10. Selena Gomez 10,738,718

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Photo courtesy of _DaniloRamos