If you want people to look into your site it is important that you web design it effectively. If you browse through internet, you can find many web designing companies. Be aware of amateur designers. Always go in for experienced person. Web designing is divided into two: design and style. Both are inter-related to each other. There is a very thin line between both which may be difficult for you to identify. Design is related to function and accessibility. If a person is able to operate the website effectively and easily, it is considered good design. Style can create a brand.

Good web designers can give a nice look and feel to the website. First they create a layout with the help of CSS (Cascading Style sheets). If the website is user-friendly, users can surf the website easily. A website will have a good look with visuals and media. Designers generally create template to support the website which is shown to the client before building the website. When designers work with specialists they usually do the layout and template which has basic features of the website. But if the designer works by him they he/she will have to be able to finish the website. Web designers should be well versed in Photoshop, fireworks and other multimedia functions like Macromedia flash. They should also have knowledge about html and CSS as it will help them in creating websites.

Tips for web designers

  • A webpage should not be overloaded with images. Generally a page should not take more than 5 seconds to load. If it takes more time, then a surfer will click into some other site. On an average, page size should be less than 30k. Other attributes that can load your page faster are height and width. Without these, browser has to wait for the image to download since it cannot know how much space to leave for them.
  • Stay away from all browser-specific functions.
  • A user only has the authority to create a new browser window. Do not try to pop up new windows which will crowd the user’s screen. By default, all links must open in the same window.
  • Always use plain vanilla fonts like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and courier.
  • Always use Java as a utilitarian programming language, not as a graphics front end for your photos/images.
  • One more important thing to consider is Meta tags. By applying Meta tags, it can make a lot of difference between your users coming to your site and going to your competitor’s as they can’t find yours. Search Engines like Google and yahoo mostly rely on keywords and Description Meta tags to populate their search database.
  • One more important point is write for all browsers, all resolutions and all color-depths.