When reading about web hosts on their own websites they all seem to be the perfect host to partner up with. We are of course not that easily fooled and understand that many of them have a couple of weak spots. To ensure that you do not sign up with a poor host it might be worth checking up the following points in advance.

Are there any hidden fees?
Once you have signed up with a web host you would think that everything is in the clear, right? Well, it should be but some web hosts tend to bring up unexpected fees once the contract is signed. Do not accept this – demand a complete report upfront.

Are the features really free?
This is somewhat similar to the point above but there are a couple web hosts that list their “free” features but after 30 days they might start charging you for them. Simply ask them if there are any limits to their services.

Check out the security policies
Checking out a web host’s security policy is important to do as they have much of your personal information. It is also advisable asking them what you will have to do in order to terminate your contract – some web hosts has a “minimum amount” of time that you have to stay with them.

Reseller or real web host?
One of the very first things you should find out is if they are a real web host or if they are a reseller of hosting. If they are a reseller they are themselves purchasing bandwidth and so on from a real web host.

How is the customer service?
Worth trying to find out in advance is the reputation of the customer service. This is easily done at hosting forums or via objective hosting directories. A web host with a lousy support team will do you no good.

Is it easy to upgrade?
Sooner or later you might want to upgrade your hosting account and it is important that you check up in advance whether this is easy to do and make sure that you will not have to pay any unnecessary fees for doing so.

What is the overall reputation?

This last point is probably needless to mention but it is crucial that you look up the reputation of the web host beforehand. This is preferably done via web hosting forums and another tip is visiting the Better Business Bureau website where you can get useful information about the host.