The Benefits of Social Media Management via a Professional Online Marketing Company

According to the Canadian Census, firms with less than 20 employees made up close to 90% businesses in the Canada. Therefore, the probability is that if you are an entrepreneur, you are running one of those modest companies. When you are operating a small business, time is a premium commodity, and marketing your brand digitally can eat a sizeable share of your time.


In fact, you are perhaps reading this article, because you have considered outsourcing the social media management of your organization to an online marketing company. When you choose to outsource to a digital marketing agency (and we at Atomic55 hope you do), you will reap many benefits. Here are nine benefits of using an online marketing company for social media management of your business;

1) No HR issues

social media managment in kelownaOne of the critical pivots of successful social media marketing is consistency. The quandary, of course, is that marketers are not machines, they are people who need regular breaks to function properly. When employees are sick or on leave, or when a massive, internal event throws everything else on the back burner, marketing suffers. A relevant example of this is content production. You cannot suddenly stop posting fresh content for a few weeks over the holiday season. If you do, Google will observe, and your organic rankings will nosedive as a result.

Therefore, opting for an online marketing company means that you never again have to worry about staff vacations or gaps in delivery. To put it bluntly, that is their problem because, at a social media management agency, there are plenty of individuals looking after accounts to have you covered. Moreover, you would not have someone threatening labor suits, or expecting you to pay their tax or pensions, and you also do not need to train them. More significantly, you are paying an annual fee and are most likely getting the productivity of three members of staff for the price of one.

2) Accountability

SMO Manager KelownaAn online marketing company worth its salt will provide social media management every day for at least 8 hours a day per employee week. The social media managers would be graduates with public relations expertise having an aptitude in literacy and a passion for social media. They typically thrive during a challenge and understand the soul of digital landscape better than anyone. Moreover, in light of their deep understanding of various digital platforms, they can also predict upcoming trends to generate original content that the public finds interactive.

Moreover, the campaigns are run by professionals who recognize the importance of social media platforms for business usage entirely. They use them to promote a business, test latest methods and develop new systems for promotions every-day. Furthermore, any credible online marketing company will ensure that you are more satisfied than dejected with their services because honestly, you are your last job, whatever the industry!

3) To Keep Up with Social Engagement

social media managment company in kelownaThe reality of 2017 is that more and more customers are reaching out to brands they want to interact with through social media. Therefore, whether it is asking questions, offering praises or voicing criticism of all kind, customers today have a direct channel to give brands their feedback, and they are taking full advantage of it. As per a leading customer service software company, about 40% of customers use social media for customer service.

More critically, 42% of customers who reach out to brands on social media expect a response in within an hour. 19 social media marketing tips for small businessHowever, as consumer expectations are on a continuous rise, brands are struggling to keep up with the volatile pace as 7 in 9 social media messages that merit a response go unanswered in the first three days. Therefore, one way to stay ahead of your competition is to let a credible social media management company be there for your customers by promptly and positively responding to their posts, tweets and concerns.

4) Defined Systems

social media manager in kelownaIn contradiction to what many believed, social media did not turn out to be a flash in the pan. It has been around for several years, and seasoned consultants have been there to watch the astronomical rise of Facebook and the fall of Myspace and Orkut. Many social media agencies tried these social platforms and found their comfort zone. Later on, they specialized in Facebook or Twitter but did not excel at both. A social media agency cannot float in the market by being a Jack-of-All-Trades, it is not the eighties, today, only specialization sells.

For example, an agency like Atomic55 understands the essential social media tools and platforms. Additionally, they have in-house systems in place to utilize all the social media platforms at once, offering a well-rounded and methodical experience for you and your audience. Moreover, systems are monitored, measured, reworked and tested regularly and are continuously optimized to make sure that you are getting the most exceptional results from the efforts of the agency whom you have outsourced the social media management of your company.

5) To Monitor Relevant Keywords

search engine optimization and social media management kelownaIt is important to know that customers praising or lambasting your brand may not directly tag your relevant social media handles. In fact, the majority of people will perhaps mention your brand or products presuming that you will never notice the message. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously monitor social media networks for such conversations so that you can participate and respond accordingly. A professional online marketing company will ensure that all the critical things across social media platforms are under observation. Such as;

  • Brand Mentions: most of the people will undoubtedly mention your brand or product offerings. However, they may forget the # or @. An agency will put systems in place to spot such mentions in real time to manage a swift reply.


  • Brand-Adjacent Terms: The agency will monitor brand-adjacent terms to discover customers who have shown purchase intent but have not mentioned your brand or product. A brand-adjacent term can be attributed to any keyword that someone would use to search your product or service online.


  • Competitors: Every commercial enterprise should be mindful of its competition and monitoring social media is an integral part of that endeavour. The agency will start by tracking competitor social handles and pages, brand terms and critical product phrases to amass intelligence on products, customer complaints and marketing strategies.

A Keyword Research Tutorial

keyword research company kelowna

6) To Analyze Social Performance

As the timeless adage goes, to plan for the future it is critical to look at the past objectively to determine what worked and what backfired. kelowna social media managment companyAn online marketing company through the deployment of social tools generate data that can be used to channelize your social media strategy moving forward. Moreover, you will have a precise understanding of your social performance on various platforms. Specifically, you will know;

  • Which social networks are yielding the best results.
  • What type of demographics are engaging the most with your content.
  • Which type of posts are getting the most social media engagement.
  • Which phrases or keywords are getting the most post clicks?

7) Improved Search Engine Rankings

search engine optimization kelownaRemember, Search engine optimization requires more than merely posting on social media platforms occasionally. It may get your business some online traffic, but to achieve higher page rankings and obtaining consistent traffic to your business website, you would need an online marketing company. Although social media does not directly hike your search engine rankings, research shows that close to 60% of digital marketers who are using social media for a year or longer still see improved search engine rankings.


Today, almost all of us use Google to find information, and the majority of us would not navigate past the first page because our answer is often on the top page of results. A seasoned digital marketing agency will create high-quality original content that will integrate seamlessly with your targeted keywords. Content such as blogs, infographics, business information, case studies, and staff photos will make your company’s social media profile intriguing as well as credible.


Gradually, people will start liking and sharing your content. Most importantly, your business will gain more opportunities to be in front of market influencers who will pen about your business and provide you with backlinks – which will, in turn, improve your search engine rankings.

8) Higher Conversion Rates


smo company kelowna bcWith improved rankings, your company will gain more opportunities for conversion. It is because every blog post, comment, image, or video may lead prospective clients to your business’s website and increase traffic. More than 52% of marketers claimed that taking the time to develop organic relationships with customers showed positive results in sales. Moreover, Studies have also revealed that compared to inbound marketing, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate. It is important to remember that when your brand is interactive online, individuals who follow your brand’s social media accounts often start trusting the credibility of your business entirely.

Try this simple technique to increase conversions

increase website conversions

9) To Show Reports to Stakeholders

kelowna smoFrankly, you are not the only one who wants to look at the analytics; stakeholders across the company would want to see how social media performs as well. Therefore, whether that is your marketing manager or a business client, it is essential to supply them with digestible information.


If you want to learn more about how Atomic 55 can help you to get more leads through your social media channels, please contact us.