Being who we are, we spend a lot of time on the internet, which happens to be full of obscenities and entertainment. Through the grapevine, one of our staff learned of and brought a game into the office that we play on a regular basis that goes by the name Your Team. Now, “Your Team” or “teaming” is the act of placing whatever our strangest internet findings are onto another staff member’s team, which we have appropriately started tracking via Pinterest boards.

The game essentially emulates elementary school in the sense that when “captains” were picking players in gym class and didn’t want a certain player, they tried to give that player to the other team. Now, we don’t do this to be mean or spiteful to anybody or anything, but only so that we have an outlet for our ridiculous findings on the internet, because there are seriously waaay too many of them. Here are the very simple rules of Your Team for your viewing pleasure:

-A person can only be “teamed” once they have committed their first “teaming”. Until this happens, said person has full immunity from being “teamed”, but once they start, they’re in it for good.
-Once something/someone/whatever is placed on somebody’s team, said placement can’t be re-used or placed on a subsequent player’s team.
-There is no limit on what you can “team” somebody with. It can be a ridiculous article, video, photo, current event, etc. So get creative with it!

Honestly, that’s about it. So get out there and start terrorizing your friends’ teams before they get you first. We highly recommend using Pinterest to track these…it just makes for all the more laughs. This is also a fun game to play outside of an office setting such as in a shopping mall, at a music festival, or anywhere that obscene people and hilarious happenstance occur. Trust us, it’s a good time.

Team Boards

Here are our “team boards” for your viewing pleasure.

Kevin’s Team

Chris’ Team

Baylan’s Team

Carrie’s Team

Mark’s Team

Tiffany’s Team

Ryan’s Team

Jenn’s Team

Cory’s Team