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Kelowna Web Design – How to Promote Your Website

Kelowna is located in central southern British Columbia, Canada. Around 200,000 people call Kelowna home; with the city bursting at the seams during the hot summer months due to an influx of tourists. Kelowna is a sought after destination which makes it no surprise that many web designers and Internet professionals flock to Kelowna to begin their …

Reading an SEO report generated from your account

Reading a Report Below is a standard report that is generated from our reporting software that tells you where your site ranks for the key terms we are focusing. At the top of the table it tells you which search engine we are running the report for, and the below the title of the search …

Internet Marketing & SEO for your Website

At Atomic 55, located in Kelowna BC,  we specialize in search engine optimization or SEO of your business website.  Perhaps you have a website that is getting little to no traffic or you maybe you have tried SEM / PPC campaigns with little or no success converting customers.   We can help you take your website …

NCA Commercial

Simple, fast and elegant small business site design by Atomic 55. SEO positioning for various key terms such as: litigation appraisals kelowna aboriginal appraisals kelowna real estate appraiser kelowna Ranking achieved within 30 days for many of the key terms we are focusing on. I think that is a new record.