You’ve heard about how social media is becoming a huge marketing tool and how if you’re a company and don’t get into it then you’re falling behind etc etc. We won’t write another blog about that because frankly, this isn’t that kind of blog, if you’re smart enough to read this you’re smart enough to know what the marketing environment is like now. What we would like to let you privileged readers know is how its affecting us, because that’s all that matters, right? Thought so. Yes, social media has coerced us into making some changes upgrades. We’re not sure if you’re aware or not but Atomic has grown to have it’s own social media department of sorts. One person taking care of all the social media outlets just wasn’t cutting it, especially when we started doing it for clients. So if you haven’t gotten into it because you have the social media competency of a three-year-old, don’t have the time, or would just rather have a pro manage it then yep, we’ve added that to the list of “Absolutely, we’ll do that for you!”

This brings us to our next subject – this blog. Obviously all our efforts have been going full force for our clients so this blog was an outlet for occasional steamy outrages, office updates, or  reviews of stuff we hate love. But now we figure we should lead by example. That’s right, regular weekly postings you lucky ducklings! So when you feel like the internet can’t offer you any more procrastination tools, we’ll have some delightful reading material lined up for you (with some helpful tips so you’re not completely wasting your time). We figure for some consistency we’ll offer you weekly blog specials… App-dates and the ‘Failure of the Week’, best you stay tuned because audience participation is all part of the fun, yes f-u-n.

Oh yes, it’s gonna be a good year.

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Photo courtesy of GOIABA