We had a very interesting article fall into our laps the other day, that, at first glance, appeared to be dated circa 1991, but, alas, was not. We present you: . Sadly, the author of this article did not decide to include the most important point in their conclusion (which should really have been presented in the form of a warning, sort of like the ones on cigarette packages):

4. WARNING: Cold-calling will severely ruin your reputation while successfully annoying and upsetting about 99% of the people you call.

We”re the guys who are here to tell you that not only is this tactic ancient and realistically creates very little yield, but as an agent, you throw pretty much every shred of credibility out the window by being a cold-caller. It’s just straight-up wrong. Encouragement of this type of sales tactic is infuriating, because it”s adding to the already sour reputation of real estate agents (who are becoming known to do anything including cold-calling to make a sale) and demeaning them even further.

You aren”t selling phone books, cruises, vacuums, or credit cards; you, as an agent, are selling houses, somewhere for people to call home. Don”t sell yourself or your clients short, or treat your livelihood so cheaply, by turning your home office into a one-man call center. Cold-calling successfully and simultaneously cheapens your industry, while destroying your image as an agent; so don”t fall victim to sales tactics from the Cretaceous period, and shape up your sh*t with some proper marketing materials and a grown-up business strategy.

In Conclusion

If you’re now at the point where you don’t know which way is up because this is the way you’ve been doing things all along, please feel free to call us, e-mail us, or send a carrier pigeon to go over some ideas, and to let us start you on your way to measurable, achievable success.