So most people have New Year’s resolutions where they commit to losing weight and giving up vices such as drugs, smoking and the Internets and just  generally improving their life.   Well I don’t smoke and I find that September is really my New Years. So for my September New Years (SNY) (BTW SNY starts after the Labor Day long weekend-I’m not a diehard here people!) I’ve committed myself to blogging.  There are a few reasons for this, none of which will improve my quality of life, or yours for that matter,  but the most important for me is not that I practice what I preach all day long, or that I generate new business leads, or give away really sweet website tips or anything practical and business-y like that.  It’s just that I really want to be famous. I want people to read my stuff. I want to feel like people will visit my blog and that it might go viral.  I think people might enjoy it so much that they could even recommend it to their friends.  I want to be Perez Hilton or some other relevant behind the screen mega blogger that people love to hate. Or love. Or just hate. I want to maybe even get free stuff from corporate sponsors.  So this won’t be a blog about website tips because those will cost you money and you have to actually be a client for me to just hand over my knowledge that freely- plus that’s boring and you can go anywhere to get free “website” tips – c’mon doesn’t your kid build websites yet? No, this will be a blog about nothing in particular.  I’m hoping it’s my vehicle for the Internet fame that I so desperately crave. I might also post some pictures that I think are cool or maybe some links to some funny stuff. I’ll definitely use this to perpetuate my insatiable need to consume and I’ll show you the stuff that I covet. Hopefully you’ll send it to me because you like my new blog so much and you’ll be my #1Fan.  I’ll also post stuff that will almost always be NSFW, because it it’s SFW then it’s really not that interesting. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs about nothing. I’m not sure how many blogs about nothing that I will commit to.

In Conclusion

Do you think people will want to read these blogs about nothing more or less frequently than once per week?  Do you think I should blog about nothing every day?  I wonder if there’s enough nothingness to blog about on a daily basis or if I’ll become bored and then I’ll stop blogging and feel like a failure for not sticking to my September New Year’s resolution?  How long do you think it will take for me and my blog to get noticed?  Who do you think my #1Fan will be? Can you also have a #2Fan?  What separates a #1Fan from a #2Fan?  So many questions and this is just my first blog.  I feel the weight on my shoulders already.