Ahhhhhh, so the title really does say it all.  I encountered some big blog bumps in the road my friends.  My real life essentially got in the way of my blog life.  It happens.  I know. I’ve talked to others about it and apparently this is a very natural and normal occurrence.  Of course I thought I would be immune to it.  I thought “this will not happen to me!”. Not on my watch.  Nuh-huh.  Never.  But alas, I sit here now and write to you ( my zero loyal fans) that I too am human.

In my defense though I did go to Vegas.  That’s a pretty good excuse for not writing right?  I suppose I could have “live blogged” from my bar stool, but that could have been really messy.  And likely, it would result in some sort of negative statement having to be released like ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except for the pictures you post live on your blog while your drinking in Vegas because those will follow you right back home and haunt you forever’.  It’s a little long, but I think it might have legs with this generation.

So what’s new friends?  Not much here.  I heard today that social media’s here to stay – that’s pretty cool.  I feel kind of validated knowing that I guess.  My online life’s not been a complete waste of my time.  Are you guys all on board with this “new” way of communication yet?  Do you use it? Do you abuse it?  I do.  Sometimes (actually all the time) I’ll tweet that I have a new blog post.  Ha ha! That’s so lame.  I know and I hate it when people do it too.  But I feel like I have the right to do it because I acknowledge that I’m a hater of it.  I feel like I can break the Social Etiquette rules from time to time because at least I understand them fully and completely.  How’s that for abuse of power!  Ya! Feels good real GOOOOOOOD!  Anyway, kiddos I’m going to leave you with a link to a video that is totally old, but totally still one of my all time faves.  It also goes nicely with my last sentence about feeling real good.

Check it out and have a chuckle and as always if you don’t get the video, then, well,  you know what we think of you! My next post will display some of the awesome stationary I picked up for the office while I was away.