Reading a Report

Below is a standard report that is generated from our reporting software that tells you where your site ranks for the key terms we are focusing. At the top of the table it tells you which search engine we are running the report for, and the below the title of the search engine you can see each keyword that we are optimizing.

Moving from left to right, you will see where your site ranks in Google at the current moment in time. So for example on Dec 30th, the key term “homes for sale Kelowna BC” is in the 174 position or the 17th page of Google. As we progress down the table toward a more current date, you will see these positions change in an upward trend. The same set of key words 30 days later is now ranking in position 134. Please keep in mind that positions may fluctuate throughout the course of the search engine campaign. It is important to look at the benchmark report which shows the first ranking position for any given key term and compare it to the current position.

Positions that are labelled with a “-“ have not been indexed yet by Google in a position higher than 200 or page 20.  Positions labelled with a +2 or -10 for example indicate the positions that the key term has changed since the last time they were indexed, typically within 24 hours.

In addition to the work we are doing regarding rank changes in the most popular search engines, you can expect traffic from 3rd party websites such as local directories, business profile pages, and other incredibly powerful traffic generators over the course of the campaign.

In Conclusion

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