Laaaaadies and gentlemen, grab a drink and have a seat – it’s gonna be a showdown!

Innnnn the red corner; a dated, expensive, and ineffective marketing tool that somehow still stays on top of the game despite its many flaws – print marketing! Wooo? No. Boo.

In the blue corner; cost effective, traceable, broad-spectrum, fun & creative, the new kid on the block – digital marketing! Now that’s really something to get excited about!

Alright, enough with the jokes. We’re gathered here today to discuss the complex misconception that print marketing is a) working and b) worth the money. We hate to be the guys to break it to you, but both of these points are deeply wrong despite what the white-haired guy in the suit might have told you. “Oh my gosh, you’d NEVER believe what I saw in the newspaper!” somebody said, never. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but seriously…

Unless you’re living under a rock, or have some serious memory issues, you’ll have noticed in the past decade that the world has gone digital. Children are touching the “screens” of books to turn the page, grandparents e-mail, and EVERYBODY is using social media. Newspapers have even resorted to creating “reader apps” to track the people reading their material because hardly anybody picks up a physical newspaper anymore; and who would considering how heavy and cumbersome they can be, not to mention the outlandish amounts of waste created on a daily basis by the amount of paper they require. Heck, even phone books are becoming a thing of the past…actually…books in general are slowly leaving the scene, making way for online or mobile reading apps and e-readers.

There has been a massive paradigm shift towards digital marketing for a reason! Not because “we said so” or because everybody’s trying to rip you off over something that you don’t need…because it’s real. To give you a bit of perspective, 15 million Canadians are monthly Facebook users, while 9 million Canadians use Facebook every single day for an average of 20 minutes per day. And those are only the numbers for one of very many social media platforms. People use social media every day, not only to keep in touch with their friends, but to learn and convey information; and who couldn’t learn something when Facebook is pushing numbers out like 30 BILLION pieces of content shared PER MONTH.

The point we’re trying to make with all of this is that you need to stop wasting your money on print marketing! We’re serious…nobody’s reading your newspaper ad, flyer, hand-out, or whatever…people don’t want it anymore. If it isn’t digital it might as well not exist, and this rule applies to anything and everything. And the biggest head-ache of all is comparing the cost of print marketing to digital marketing…it’s horror-movie scary…


For those of you still unconvinced, let’s take a peek at this graphic outlining some general print marketing costs:

Seriously, stop getting suckered, save yourself some money, and ask us about our social media services. We promise you won’t regret it.

Stunned? Amazed? Stuck in the days of print? Are you a “print-is-the-only-way” character? Let us know your gripes and bewilderment on Twitter, and we’ll try to sort them out.

photo courtesy of REL Waldman