Many people are confused as to how can they attract thousands of visitors to their site. Driving high traffic is very important for a website, but even more important is designing a website in such a way that will make them stay longer. There are nearly 7 important website design tips that will make your site more attractive and drive in more traffic.

Be careful while selecting the color scheme:

If your company has certain logo or preferred colors it would be a good start. If you have not selected any color, choose two or three colors and stick with them. Avoid changing colors on every page. The most preferred color schemes are as follows:

  • Red, yellow and white
  • Blue, orange and white
  • Yellow, grey and white

If you’re confused with the color scheme, browse the internet and find a website that you like. Try choosing colors that can attract more visitors.

Page Backgrounds:

Make sure that visitors can read the text on the background. If page background is dark then use light color for writing the text or if light color is used for page background then dark color is used for writing the text. Use this type of color scheme for background so that a visitor can read the text without any problem.

Make sure that your page opens within minutes:

There are many websites which takes more than 10 minutes for page loading. If your page takes more than a minute to load then you have to go through your website and find out ways to reduce the time. An average person does not have time and so he just passes on to another site if your site takes time to open. A good website will take less time to load.

Appropriate page size:

Websites are usually measured in pixels. A web page can be of any size. The web page size that you wish to choose is up to you. Try to use the space of web page effectively so that the content is in proper proximity to the user’s navigation patterns. Try to follow one rule: Always pick a size for all main screens and stick to it.


Always create a logo that can make your website different from others. Have a tag line that can be seen in the header. Create an about us page where in you can tell why your site is different from other websites. This will leave an impression on your visitors so that they can remember your website.

Apply graphic designs:

Always choose the appropriate design that can tell about your projects, and tell about your business.

Check grammar and spelling:

Make sure that your content does not have grammar and spelling mistakes.

Most of the web companies in Kelowna follow these methods while designing a website.