Two different words right?

Thought so. Pretty hard to argue especially if you use one of them there things called a dictionary. So tell me why ya’ll seem to think that just by having a new website and some shiny new promotional pieces that you’ve somehow been absolved of physically pedaling your wears?  Serious problem of no-sales-a-citis you’ve all got don’t you think?

Here’s the way it works in the real world.

Marketing is not sales. Marketing does not pick up the phone and create a relationship for you. Marketing does not attend networking events (and neither do I, but we’ll talk about that another day). Marketing does not explain the warm and fuzzy you lurves me and I lurves you crap that at the end of the day compels your customer to hand over their sparkly new twenties. Nope. That my friend is called “the sales pitch”.

Sales. It’s an evil word. I hate it. You hate it. People hate it when it walks in their business door with its Staples brand briefcase, discount shoes and Moore’s suit.  But just like that other thing that comes out yer butt and sometimes people say don’t stink – if you own a business you gotta get down with it.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Marketing is simply something that sales humans (I use the term human recklessly here) like to have because a.) They’re insecure and don’t like walking in or out of a meeting empty handed, b.) They think marketing liberates them from repeating themselves and c.) That whole bad shoe thing I mentioned above – something needs to detract from the generic bad style that all sales humans possess.

I don’t pretend to identify with this genre of human, I just accommodate them by killing trees, making money and killing more trees for the latest version of their “Omg this is the best leave behind errrver” V_ 342.

So what’s the point of pointing out the obvious with this article?  Aside from quite obviously, pointing out the obvious, it’s directed at those of you out there, business owners, marketing managers, office cattle who are searching for a marketing company in the hopes that said marketing company will save your vacay home in Hawaii from foreclosure.  Feed burn – it won’t. But the following exercise might.

We want you all to take a deep breath. In and out. Relaxed? Great. Now lower your expectations.  Perfect. Now that your expectations are lowered let your marketing team do what they do***, and focus your crosshairs on that sales team.  Keep the sales humans accountable. Make the sales humans push the marketing and messaging you just spent your weekend fun money on.

There it is. You’re officially groomed for the long road of marketing redemption that lies ahead.  By lowering your expectations, you are now fully cognizant that hiring a marketing company doesn’t guarantee that your brand spanking new spanking brand is going to make the dolla bills flow like honey into your Swiss bank account.  You can now go beat your sales human into submission and ask them why little Johnny might have to go back to public school *yuck*.

*** Because you aren’t paying us to be puppets.


image courtesy of garryknight