Formal Fridays

So if you know anything about us at Atomic 55, it’s that we like to be um, comfortable. Well a new leaf has turned and we are cranking out the swank every Friday (if we can keep this up) with Formal Fridays. Gone will be the Fridays we show up in ball caps and worn-out skate shoes, hoodies, and beer-stained t-shirts. Instead, we’re opting to look like we work in a real office environment. Yes that’s right, power suits, pencil skirts, cufflinks and teaching a few choice people about hair-brushing, ironing, shoe polishing and all that fun stuff.

Depending on the person, we anticipated some different styles ranging from classic to avant-garde. And now that we’re all sitting at our desks prim and proper, we’re getting enthusiastic about it, planning for next Friday’s attire. In the meantime, check out some vintagey formal-wear photos we scrounged up, and our new Pinterest board for Formal Friday inspiration.

Photos courtesy of Christopher Macsurak and Gerald Rich