We had a potential office space buyer come into our office the other day and he posed a good question. He asked me if the infrastructure was included in the sale price of the unit.  I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into it either way; just the fact that I hadn’t thought about it led me to believe that I didn’t really care one way or the other if the guy wanted to keep our desks, chairs and boardroom table.  As soon as he asked the question I realized I had no real emotional attachment to anything (other than artwork and digital files) within the office.  Naturally, that conclusion led me online, to ‘browse’ for new stuff.  Oh the convenience of it all.

Admittedly I am so over these chairs that we currently have in the office.

Maybe it’s because there are now rip offs everywhere including the shelves of big box retailers such as Costco or maybe it’s because every flipping window I look in within a 2 block radius of our office has a variation of it.  And just like clothing, once furnishing trends have hit the masses, for me it’s a clear sign to move on.

My Findings

And this is what I found.  Scott Wilson has been working with Coalesse and together they have come up with my future office space purchase(s).

Not only do these look 100% functional but they’re a pretty chill looking chair too. They look big enough to nap in if so inclined.

I’m also totally digging this boardroom table of the same line.  Finally someone has come up with the brilliant idea to put it all (cords, cables and plugs) out in the open.  We all have to plug in; we all enter into boardrooms asking for power and end up uncomfortably bending over under the table, so why hide it?

They’ve even managed to make it look semi-decent and again functional with the accessory storage container for when the power pod’s not in use. Again, very functional, I don’t know how many times I forget my pen on my desk after I’ve made the long trek into the boardroom – now I can just leave a supply in wait.

The boardroom is one of the main reasons we are selling. We don’t have enough ‘private’ meeting/phone space and we are constantly double booking meetings and training sessions.  I almost reconsidered though when I saw that we could just import a couple of these  cubbies into the mix…

How much fun are those? I’ve renamed them the Bat Pods.  Off to the Bat Pod!

It’s always a struggle to furnish the pit area in an office.  As it is now we have a bunch of desks in a row.  Its fine, it works I guess, but I think the pit could be even more creative with something like this workspace configuration.

Of course there’s still the topic of entertainment because what’s an office without distraction?  Currently we have the usual standard design shop gadgets and diversions: foosball (who doesn’t), Wii (on occasion), Digital Cable and lots of alcohol.  But what I really want for the new space is one of these puppies…

Table tennis anyone?  I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any work done if we do get one of these, but on the plus side I could become good enough to compete professionally – new career direction maybe?  I did find another boardroom table that looks as though with a few modifications it could double as a great Ping Pong substitute when not slumped over in creation mode.  After a few too many heated matches we may need some good sanitizer though.

This stuff is the random filler crap that every office needs. A place to sit fora second or two.  Given that most clients come in with laptops, iPads or other devices I think these laptop arm chairs would be pretty killer.  I’m also digging the bench worm too.

That would also bring us to the lounge and chill areas of the new space. We all need to relax at some point during the day and this is where the modern crap usually goes out the window for me and I turn to something plushy and cushy and you know comfy.

I guess this is still modern but how can you go wrong with a bed in your office? NM. I just answered my own question.  It’s always been a dream of mine to come to work and sleep, kind of like nap time in pre-school.

Those are the ramblings and browsings from my latest online shopping trip. Whether any or all of this makes it into our next office remains to be seen, but the dining/ping pong table is definitely on order for my house!