Those of you who”ve been keeping up with the progression of social media sites, or have been involved with them for quite some time, may have a small heart attack after viewing the new Myspace roll-out. We aren”t kidding when we say it”s un-freakin-real.

To get the rest of you up to speed: Founded in 2003, MySpace was one of the first broadly used social media websites. It was one of the first sites used to create custom profiles and (more for the artists than anything) connect with your audience. It was most prominent in its artist profile pictures where musicians could share their music with their fan-base byuploading their songs for free public play via the media player, as well as being an important source of information for tour dates. Over the years, other social media websites presented more appealing options to users, such as Facebook, which in turn revolutionized social media. The custom features, distinct page styles (ex. events, business, artist, personal, etc.) and click-of-a-button seamless interactivity is what paved the path for Facebook to lead as a social media mogul, leaving Myspace in the dust, crying itself to sleep, picking out the shade of granite for its tombstone.

Well, much to anybody and everybody”s surprise, Myspace may actually have a shot as resurrecting themselves with their very appealing and unexpected new layout. The site emulates many of the custom features that were previously available and unfathomable for Myspace users, while presenting a very aesthetically pleasing navigation experience that ties in familiar features of leading social media sites, presents intuitive, unprecedented features, while giving users with the delightful convenience of Facebook integration.

Ladies and gentlemen, Myspace is still in the game. Don”t believe us? (Don”t worry, the thought of it was mind-melting for us too) Check out the new roll-out promotional video below.

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image courtesy of sludgegulper