The City of Kelowna, Regional District and some scientists (like really smart ones that know really smart things about biology and ecology and other things that end in gy) and some federal and provincial groups, have been quietly working over the past ten years towards the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative.  We were completely shocked when they explained the danger that the creek was in and even more curious about their plan to correct it over the next 40 years. We love the creek. All of us here, love the creek and we also smelled a legacy in the making that we wanted to tie our name to.  Not the kind of local legacy with bad publicity, like underage drinkers and mob scenes, but the kind that helped to beautify and protect the gorgeousness of the community we live in. So we were game. The logo is the first part of the pie thus far and website is currently in development with an imminent launch date.  Vintage colors, anatomically correct salmon (it’s a male btw), trees, water it’s got it all.  And it’s all wrapped up in a tight little badge.  Nice. Real nice.  Stay tuned for more.