We had to write about this because our social media outlets are exploding with every clever phrase, picture, spelling mistake that makes it way on the internets. Seems to be the way the online community has banded together once again, Facebook pages devoted to memes, or trending topics that make absolutely no sense to anyone who doesn’t get the joke.

Memes seem to be the main distractor on the web these days, and although we make of people for getting sucked into the hype, we’re offenders too (some of us more than others). So yes, we have gathered around a mutual affinity for the bi-winning phenomenon, and Rebecca Black’s earblood-letting song was played on a loop in the office. And now it’s “Good gracious, this cheeky cat is quoting Star Trek!” What’s life without whimsy?

This brings us to other news, which is probably only interesting to us Atomic Fifty-Fivers. The arcade machine is finally fixed, after months of waiting for some part – addressed to the wrong person we might add. Now if you want to know about our priorities don’t go basing it on the fact that everyone dropped everything (including our jaws) and made a beeline to the machine that once began humming and beeping to the familiar sounds we dearly missed.  Now if this is the first time you’re getting to know us, yeah we’re geeks we have an arcade machine. Gives out the whole Mountain View, California Google office vibe, no? Now aside from trying to misassign our possession of a vintage game to give us the same status as the GOOG, it really helps keep us going. Serious, straitlaced companies have their way of increasing productivity, this is ours. When the stress level gets high, we play, or when we’ve finally gotten that client’s website “just right”, we reward ourselves. We’re all pretty childlike, so offering us the dessert after we eat our vegetables seems to work pretty well. Work then play.

Come on over!

More importantly, if you ever want to come over and play a round or two, you’re more than welcome. As long as you promise to check off the “plays well with others” box on our report card.