Marketing Service Pricing Models

Models to get you off the sidelines.

We offer two ways to engage.

Agency or Equity. 

Learn more below and get in touch!

Agency Pricing

Standard agency pricing. Yes, we still entertain small projects if they’re interesting. However, our ideal client is someone who wants to engage in a long-term partnership.  Regular communication is key and we want to make sure that we get along before we get in bed. 

Equity Pricing

Oooooooh boy, you got a thing? Is it good? Does it have next? We’re always ears to listen to saucy new ideas. Even if we don’t work out as a thing we would be interested in signing your NDA. Equity up to 50% is something that could be beneficial to get you from A————–B.

Agency Pricing

We offer standard agency pricing. Any SEO related work requires a minimum 2 year signed contract. We offer per project pricing in addition to flexible hourly budgets for design and development. Our process is very straightforward, coordinated and organized. Our content creators, and developers are available for remote work projects and collaborations. 

Equity Pricing

Guess what. We’ve been in your position. We’ve had startups. Definitely done our fair share of pitching. Sometimes you need a little help to make that runway look a little longer. We get it. That’s why we’re willing to cozy up and help you achieve it all with help on the marketing side. We can make you look good and share some anecdotes from our pitching days to keep you motivated. All for a greatly reduced cash/equity model of pricing for Canadian startups. Let us know what you’ve got going on. We’re all ears.


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