Proper maintenance of your website helps in improving the visibility of your website. Some of the website maintenance tips are as follows:

Update your website regularly – Your website is never fully completed because you will always require the need to add new links and to update or change web contents and graphics. Only fresh and updated content attracts many visitors to your website. Hence, make sure that your web site content is up to date.

Things to consider while updating your website – Make a back up copy before you update any page. Set up some blog software that enables for easy updating of pages such as a news page. Keep record of the updating page details, such as the page number of the pages that have been changed or updated, the date and time of modifying the pages, and the content of modification. When you update a web page, make it a point to maintain the site style, look and feel.

Things to consider when changing website content – Set the pages that require addition of content or materials in the future, at the position where they can expand vertically. If you change the content of a web page, do not change the embedded search terms without thinking about the result of it. If you make any changes to your web pages, make sure to check your changes in different browsers. Use only absolute terms when you refer to periods of time.

Things to consider when changing the appearance or other design aspects of your website – Avoid using many colors and sizes for the text fonts of your website pages. Also avoid using too much of italicized and bold words and sentences. Create a template that contains all your website design elements including your menu and header. Use this template for creating new pages. The use of excellent pleasant color combination can improve the look and feel of your website.

Ensure to display the images in the website properly – Maintain all the images of your website in a subfolder. See to that all the new pictures added in a page of your website are of the same width and height as that of the pictures already contained in the page. Make sure to change the picture on your front page every once in a while. But be sure that the new picture is of the same size as that of the old one.

Check the links of your website regularly – If any of the links on your website produce any error message, then visitors may lose interest and turn off your site. So, make sure that all the links in your website work properly. You can make use of many online tools that will easily and quickly check a web site for broken links.

Maintain file names – When you replace a PDF file, make sure that you don’t change the file name. This will eliminate the need to change the links to that file.

See to that your website works online – Website monitoring companies can monitor whether your website remains online, and can report you. If the website monitoring company reports that your website experiences downtime, you can contact your web host to find out the reason.

Do not change the search engine optimization features – Maintain the search engine optimization features so that you don’t face any negative impact on site ranking.