Come With Me If You Want To Live Pt2

As discussed in our last week’s blog about in the business world marketing online and how the scope of the internet is forever expanding. So this week my next topic or prediction might make my last week’s top 6 failed predictions right under ‘No one would ever buy a damn thing over the computer’. So to refresh on last week, 38.8% of people in the world are currently connected to the internet and growing every year.

However, this natural growth of people slowly getting the technology to be able to connect internet is not fast enough for some. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO, is on the mission that everyone on Earth is connected to the internet. His idea to connect everyone is not by means of laptops or desktops but merely with handsets, because of relationships with Nokia, Samsung and Ericcson.

When you think about it, this idea is not far-fetched at all, in reality out of 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones and to shed light on it, 4.5 billion people that do have a mobile do not have access to a working toilet. So be all and end all can people afford it? 1 billion people throughout the world go hungry each night, and with 1.4 billion living on less than 2 dollars a day that is something to take into consideration.

Marks idea is a great one with a noble cause to bring everyone together on the internet. So remember with all this in mind his net worth is 19.8 Billion dollars, an a average cell phone plan for a month is $93.59  to be connected to the internet, so as Billy Connolly would say ‘”he is a”…million, billion, squillionaire!! Why don’t he make the f#@ken things cheaper than!? They should be a pound fifty..’, which is something to think about.