Pamela Shaw, of Liquid Yoga, approached us with a very common problem faced by new businesses. She had started working with friends of friends, who knew some friends, and was ultimately not happy with the end result of her branding, nor the time it was taking to get there.  She needed things turned around and fast.  We were more than excited to work with what we saw, as a very zen, very peaceful, and very cool new sporting concept.  We got to work and the first thing we did, was give the logo a relaxing upgrade, taking a masculine orange and blue palette into Savasana, with a teal blue, earthy green and charcoal gray as an anchor.  Once the Pantones were locked and loaded, we added in some very swirly, paisley patterned water drops and a super sweet, funky cursive font and la voila we created the best dang yoga on water branding to grace this earth we call mother.  So excited about that feat, we moved forward with rack cards, t-shirts and heck we even threw in a coupon. That’s right folks, Atomic 55 can even make coupons.  Oh yeah. The website. We did that too and obviously it’s kick ass, but in the most serene and gentle yogi way of kicking ass.  Namaste?